KP-6I work with parents, children and young people to help them be empowered and confident at owning their Highly Sensitive Superpower!

I draw upon my own experience of learning to love my own Highly Sensitive personality and my parenting journey with my Highly Sensitive child.

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“The Sensitive Subject”   Book was created to help parents understand the term “highly sensitive” and help guide them through the key ways to help manage children’s reactions, overwhelm and emotions. If you have ever thought your child is ‘Sensitive’ then “The Sensitive Subject” is the perfect place to start your journey to pare


nting freedom!

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Designed to help you to just “get it” and be empowered to take control and allow your child to THRIVE!

 Enabling you to be calmer, more in control, happy and powerful. Reaching your true potential and able to manage your Highly Sensitive Personality confidently.

All photos featured lovingly photographed by Matthew Bell ©