Kathryn Pearson

Teen Yoga Teacher and writer, helping high sensitive teens and young women combat stress, fear and worry. 

Kathryn is determined to inspire teens and young people to develop the confidence and tools so they can develop their potential in the highest possible way.  

Kathryn is passionate about working with and helping teenagers realise their potential and thinks it’s beyond imaginable the amount of pressure and stress teens get put under at such a young age.

Working one-to-one, in small groups and delivering inspirational talks and workshops, on topics such as exam stress, confidence and self-efficacy, Kathryn aims to reduce the stress young people face today with hugely successful relaxation techniques and challenges their mind sets in relation to success, and negative thinking, while inspiring and motivating young women to discover and follow their own hearts.

A note to my Tribe…

You’re stressed. You’re overwhelmed. You’re pretty close to failing. You feel panicky, fearful and worried. You lack the confidence or self belief you need to get through this. You don’t know who ‘you’ are, or who ‘you’ should be.

You have million essays, revision questions, books to read, deadlines to meet, friends to see, driving lessons to take, chores to do, emails to reply to, targets to meet, University or job applications to write, you have a huge ton of pressure on YOU.

You can’t see how any of them are ever going to get done. You thought being a teenager was going to be fun….This certainly isn’t fun.

Being an almost grown up is …. well pretty shit right now. The easiest option is to give up. But you DONT want to give up, you want to be a success. You want to be happy, fulfilled and HAVE A PURPOSE IN THIS WORLD.

It’s time to STOP with the self-doubt and worry and stand confidently at the start of your future.

How can I help?

Firstly I blog – a great start is to read and follow that.

I just know. I know that you long to have a purpose in the world. I know you want more out of life. I know you don’t want to follow the crowd. I know there is beauty, light and pure brilliance within you desperately trying to get out – but there’s something stopping you.

I have the key to unlocking that…’thing’.

I work with and inspire young women to help them overcome stress, worry, fear and low confidence which they face every day. Inspiring, challenging and reminding them of their creative soul which is deep within – yearning to get out!

I help by using and teaching effective tools and strategies to be more calm, organised, happy and focussed. Helping reduce feelings of anxiety, bringing clarity and focus to the overwhelming workload and pressure of teenage and twenty-something life. I can work one to one or in small groups. Look out for workshops!

My Story

A few years ago I was the most miserable and negative version of ‘me’ I had ever been. I spent most of my life stressed, worried, caring about what others thought of me and making decisions that were making me miserable. My life lacked organisation or focus and I struggled balancing my home and work life.

So I embarked on a mentoring process where I was introduced to a therapy, EFT, and it helped me shift massive emotional stuff which caused painful patterns of behaviour, such as lack of focus and self-sabotage.

With these shifted I was a different person – my life had a complete turn around – I’m back in control of my happiness, I’m positive, grateful and I’ve got my determination back.

I then was gifted the joy which is Teen Yoga and this slotted into my life perfectly and complemented everything I was trying to achieve.

I’m living my souls purpose and I follow and act on my soul callings. I’ve never been happier or felt more at ease. Head over to my YouTube channel to help you get started.

I was trained in EFT and Mentored by the award winning Sally Canning, Transformational Coach and Trusted Mentor to Successful Women and Winner of the National Women Inspiring Women Award Trainer/Speaker 2014. My Teen Yoga Teacher, Charlotta Martinus, has been teaching Yoga to teens for over 10 years and is a senior yoga teacher. Please visit www.teenyoga.co.uk to find out more.

I have also since been mentored by Intuitive Coach and Best Selling author of Light Is The New Black, Rebecca Campbell.

I have a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition, Health and Lifestyles and PGCE Food and Textiles Technology. I have taught Food and Nutrition & Health and Social Care in secondary schools for 7 years.

I have also been a Business and First Class flight attendant and loved every second. I love the outdoors and when I’m not spending time with my gorgeous and crazy family; I’m planning new ways of making a difference in the world, oh and blogging!

Kathryn Pearson Certified EFT practitioner (Level 2) with the AMT (Association of Meridian Therapies), Teen Yoga Certified Instructor – Qualified to tech Yoga and Mindfulness to Teenagers.