The Sensitive Subject

Writing this ebook was one of my best moments of 2017. My guidebook, full of hints, tips and tools and strategies for parents of sensitive children: the idea dropped in, I wrote, I flowed and I loved it. I even bloody released it! .

Well I say released… more like I put it on my website and *wished* and *hoped* people would find it 🙈 Seriosuly. I think I’m allergic to selling. 🙈🙄 In no way is this a sales post; more of a public announcement!

My ebook “The Sensitive Subject” is available to purchase and download instantly from my website (link at the top) update: Its now available on Amazon!! Link here!

it’s aimed at parents, but if you’re sensitive, I truely believe it could help you too. It is my heart and soul – EVERYTHING I’ve learned about sensitivity and how to thrive as an empathic sensitive and how Ive held my daughter do this too.

It goes over all the techniques I use to calm and clear me and my daughter and how I’ve managed to reduce meltdowns, manage outbursts and sensitive overwhelm!! Tag your friends, tell your mates, share this with whoever pops into your mind! 🙏🙏🙏 You can preview the contents, and read my introduction via the link too. ❤

just head to my website or shop ❤ Artwork lovingly created by Sarah of Indigosoul PR #hsp #highsensitive #highlysensitiveperson #highsensitivity #empath #sensitive #parenting #parents #toddlers #teens #preteen #empaths #empathsbelike #ebook #selfhelp #awareness #heartled #soulcall #light #author #selfpublish #followwhatlightsyouup

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