Parent Sessions

If my offerings below do not meet your exact needs, please get in touch about a personalised and bespoke mentoring/therapy service.

I can combine EFT, Teen Yoga + breathing, meditation and coaching, plus a variety of mindset tools and strategies to create a bespoke and intuitive service.



This is for parents who are frustrated and struggling with their sensitive child, or who have just discovered their child is sensitive and want to learn more

These sessions combine my experience as a Highly Sensitive Person myself and a Parent to a Highly Sensitive Child, plus a LOT of research and years of trial and error to find out what works and what doesn’t.

Following a free initial 15 min consultation with you, we will co-create a bespoke plan to address your struggles (maybe with some EFT Tapping for yourself!) and then set about teaching you tools to help your HS child, such as breathing or EFT.

I will also offer strategies + resources to help bring out the best in your amazing Highly Sensitive Child.

This isn’t just for them; I have a range of tools and resources to help YOU too…

Empowering you to parent with ease and help your sensitive child thrive in our modern world.

Get in touch at to schedule your FREE 15 min consultation chat.

Investment? ~ £99 PAY HERE

How Much Time? ~ 3 hours, can be split into 2 x 1.5 hour sessions.

What do I get? ~ 3 hours of 1-2-1 time, resources and 1 month email support following our session

I look forward to connecting with you soon.





Kathryn is a Teen Yoga teacher, qualified to teach mindfulness and yoga to teenagers. Sessions can be carried out at schools, colleges, universities, events and in one to one private sessions. Private sessions can be carried out in my/your home (+travel costs).

Yoga is diverse and adaptable and I can tailor Yoga classes to meet specific audience needs. It is always my intention to provide a fun, safe, comfortable and positive experience for teens experiencing yoga and mindfulness for the first time.



*What happens next? I will send you an email following payment to schedule this session at a time convenient to both and to gather your Skype address, if applicable. Contact me here, if you would like to schedule a 15 min free chat to see if we are a good fit or to discuss your needs. 

I really enjoy exercising without it being too strenuous, the yoga sessions were fun, enjoyable and relaxing.Student, Rotherham College of Arts and Technology.

“Kathryn has been fantastic in delivering top quality Yoga sessions to a wide range of courses and students within our organisation. From creating bespoke Yoga experiences for Performing Arts students to Childcare students, Kathryn has developed an engaging offer that everyone can identify with and benefit from. We are very much looking forward to working with Kathryn again next academic year.” Ben Hannan- Sport Co-ordinator for Rotherham College

“Before the session I felt trapped, alone, overwhelmed, scared and very nervous. I felt as if there were no way out. After the session I have started to feel more relaxed and stress free because of my ability to deal with situations better. I have become more positive minded  and due to this positivity I am much nicer to be around, which my family have commented on. My belief in myself has increased due to developing ways of dealing with my thoughts.”
Laura, Student, 20.

“When I started the sessions with Kathy, I couldn’t live my life like a normal teenager. I felt really overwhelmed, my self‐confidence was low, and I isolated myself from friends, turning down invites from them. But now, I can’t find the words to explain how much Kathy has helped me turn that around. Recently I went to a friend’s party; I realised that I would’ve turned it down just a month ago. It made me realise, how much has changed and how much Kathy has helped me start enjoying my life. The help that Kathy has given me is completely priceless, and she has helped me move onto the next stage of my life, living it rather than passing through it.
D. Clark, 17, A Level Student.

As a parent I find that Kathy has given my daughter a valuable tool to deal with stressful situations or anxieties. She has used EFT on a few occasions with a positive effect, also I feel more confident that she will cope at University.  Thanks again Kathy.
Mrs Young, Parent. 


“The techniques Kathy taught us were very valuable and helpful. I will definitely be using them in the future. I feel much more confident and I’ve learned that there is nothing which can’t be improved upon!” Student, Worksop