Due to popular demand and requests from parents… I am so excited to announce that I am launching my signature online platform ‘Calm, Confident and Connected’ where I share my ultimate & essential top 5 classes for teens to help them move from: worried, stressed and detached to calm, confident and connected, so they can fully embrace their present, deal with the pressures of school life and be the very best version of themselves.

WHAT: A 5 lesson online course, designed to teach teens my ‘signature key concepts’ helping them to move from stressed, worried and detached to calm, confident and connected.


If I could only teach FIVE classes to help teens reduce stress and learn strategies to manage it, help them understand their brains + emotions and build residence to failure, set-backs and challenge and help them connect to their inner confidence, IT WOULD BE THESE 5 CLASSES.


WHAT DOES IT INCLUDE:  8 audio recordings, 5 full PDF & image yoga class plans, 5 videos & PDFs explaining key the concepts


There’s also the added flexibility of at-home learning and life time access to the course!



WHEN: You can get access to the course content as soon as you purchase your place, and then its yours for life! (To access the free class you will still need to register)


WHERE: Online, via an online e-learning platform, in the comfort of your own home.


WHO IS THE COURSE FOR: The course is designed to meet the needs of teen girls aged 14-16, although younger and older girls can still benefit and would be able to access the material, boys included!

INVESTMENT:    £75  NOW JUST: £33  – for unlimited and lifetime access to the material.

To take receive “Calm, Confident and Connected”  at the reduced rate of £33 pay here now


Buy Calm, Confident and Connected NOW for just £33

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“My daughter is always off in la-la land or on YouTube, she hides herself away and we don’t connect”
“My daughter really struggles with stress and worry, she never seems to just enjoy life and gives up really easily”
“My daughter struggles with the pressure of school, friendships, confidence and all that it means to be a teenager – I’m worried” 

These issues, and more, I hear from a lot of parents, either online or in person. You’re not alone.

From experience, I’ve seen how teen girls:

~ Spend LOTS of their time in their heads,

~ Lack confident and the courage to not give up,

~ Spend lots of time in their thoughts and worries and

~ Have a degree of disconnect from their bodies, their feelings and their presence.
They don’t experience what it’s like to BE with themselves and in their body; to relax, to let go, believe or to be present with all that they are.

This can be worrying for you AND them and cause all sorts of physical ailments, emotional upsets and affect relationships and behaviour.

I’ve carefully and successfully taught 100’s of girls in local, in-person classes over the last few years, to be able to do this:

~ to be present,

~ to be in their body,

~ to let go of the pressure

~ to be more resilient and confident

~ and r-e-l-a-x with themselves (not just hide in their phones) enjoying life in the process.

Each one having a unique experience – being present and listening to their own needs and really rooting into their unique selves, uncovering their confidence and learning to not give up.

I’ve witnessed time and time again that subtle glow and knowingness they get after our classes together:

~ They came home,
~ They connected,
~ They were able to BE with themselves,
~ They were present,




It’s a beautiful “job” and one I want to share with more and more people.



I’ve had many texts or emails which read:

“Sorry my daughter just won’t budge, she really needs this but I can’t get her to come.”


“I’m so sorry to let you down, she was so keen, but now she’s changed her mind and she just won’t even speak to me about it.”

But instead of letting that stop me, I met inspiration with action and I have created a tailored online course for these young people, who so desperately need it.

5 Lesson week-by-week “Calm, Confident and Connected” course will guide and support your child to:

~ Root into her body, so she can notice, feel and connect – increasing her connection to herself and also to you (overtime).

~ Experience the present moment, enabling her to meet her own needs and listen to her inner voice – so she can start the journey of self-awareness and self-mastery, increasing confidence in the process.

~ Learn and master tools and techniques to deal with life’s worries, upsets and set backs – engaging her with her {already installed} unique brilliance and allowing her to be calmer, stronger and more resilient.

~ Experience the physical benefits of Yoga such as improved posture, increased flexibility and increased muscle strength.


~ Understand resilience, and how our brains work when we are faced with a challenge.


~ Understand what happens to our brains when they are stressed, learn techniques to build concentration and focus and start to create a self-love practice.


To take part in “Calm, Confident and Connected” for just £33



The “Calm, Confident and Connected” course content will be released in full and you will be able to access it all on the 5th November, via an e-learning platform.

This means you can:

~ Work through the content at your own pace

~ Parents can print off or read through the course material ahead of time

However, on Monday 5th November & Monday 26th November I will hold a private Zoom call for all the participants of the course to introduce the course and be on hand to answer any questions or concerns. The 2nd call will act as a “check-in” session. (Parents get to watch too! I will also send a recording of this if you are unable to attend this call live.)


Each Monday, for 5 weeks, I will email reminders outlining that week’s lesson topic and providing links and inspiration & motivation.





“Amy recently handled not getting placed in a dance festival very well and I believe this was due to the content of your course! She seemed more able to handle the set-back – thank you!” – Parent.

“Your course has taught me that failure doesn’t matter and to always keep trying, to have faith in myself and I really like Yoga” – Eve, Student.

“I have been a lot happier recently and I believe in myself more!” – Jessica, Student.

“I havent been as stressed!” – Amy, Student.


To take part in “Calm, Confident and Connected” CLICK HERE

I look forward to welcoming you.

What happens next?

Once payment is confirmed and received I will email you log in details and a link to attend the live Zoom call on the 5th November within 2 working days. If you have any concerns or queries please email kathrynpearsoneft@gmail.com