A Good Clear Out…

Theres something really juicy about the feeling of a good clear out, especially when it comes with a desire to change…
It’s satisfying to clear it all out, wipe the slate clean and welcome the newness.
The feeling of accomplishment, the feeling of everything being lighter, feeling lighter, letting go of the stuff you throw away and the energy that comes with it.
The clear out feeling. The “weight has been lifted” feeling. The “starting from today, everything will be different” feeling.
The feeling of change.
Recently there’s been a surge of this happening for me (again!); clearing out the old to make way for the new.
Life is full of ebbs and flows, cyclic circles of twirling and shedding and changes. I feel like an eternal butterfly; ever growing, ever shedding, ever unfurling, the cycle continues again and again. 
Once upon a time, I thought that was it: who I was at that point in my life, was who I would always be. The way I dressed, the way I looked, the way I thought, the way I acted, the people I surrounded myself with, all of it. Who I was at that point was the sum total of myself and I was, on the most part, happy with it.
But then life interjected and pushed me, prodded me and twirled me around – causing me to clear out the old and make way for the new – time and time again.
It caused me to drop to my knees and turf out the beliefs and expectations, people and ways of being I had always felt comfortable with.
And I love that about life, about being HUMAN: who you are today is not who you will always be. You have the power and control to CHANGE. To be the person who never eats in their car, to be the person who has a tidy garage, to be the person who changes their beliefs, their thoughts and their actions to be in line with a new perspective, to change something about your life, yourself, you.
A desire to change for me, always starts with the feeling of being congested; a heavy feeling that comes with the {mental, physical or energetic} clutter, and that inspires within me the desire to clear out the old, take the action and take the steps required to make the change happen.
But nothing can be changed without the cathartic act of a really good clear out. 
I adore that we are human and get to DO this. It’s miraculous that we have this power and this control over our own lives.
I invite you to reflect if there is anything you are being called to clear out? Is there something in your life that feels outdated, untidy or congested? Is there part of you that wants to change?

Most of us constantly feel the need to “improve” or “get better” due to the social pressures we face in our technological society, but I’m not necessarily talking about “getting better” at anything. I’m asking to see what feel heavy and congested? What beliefs or thought patterns feel heavy? What parts of you feel so uncomfortable, that you can no longer hide from them?

Where do you need to have a really good clear out?

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