Affirmations – Positive Statements 

Whatever you want to call them! Here’s my story with them….

So during my early 20s I was in a bit of a bad place. I was just starting a career I didn’t really like, that made me feel inadequate and I had collegues who prayed on that. I was living practically alone – away from family and friends and I had just lived through two disastrous relationships, which both chipped away at my integrity, confidence and self-worth.

I had little idea of who I was, what I wanted or loved or should be doing. I just had no idea. I was following everyone else’s ideals and standards. I was trying to be what I thought other people would consider “successful”. Im ashamed to say I even chose my career because I’d seen on facebook a number of “successful” people from school had started being teachers. (Yep, I chose my career based on other people!!) I was so desperate to be “successful” and fit in. I had no idea what I wanted. 

I was basically really lost and my inner voice, my intuition was screaming and shouting and jumping up and down! I knew it was all wrong. 

I somehow stumbled accross Susan Jeffers book “Feel the fear and do it anyway” I immediately clicked “Buy now”.

It was one of those ‘I’m meant to have this book and this is exactly what I need’kind of moments. It’s probably the most defining moment of my adult life!! I owe so much to finding that book. 

So it came and I devoured it. It introduced me to affirmations. Positive thinking and a higher / lower self way of thinking. It changed me and my mindset. 

  • I used to constantly be the victim. Everything happened to me. 
  • I saw the bad or negative in everything.
  • I never felt good enough.
  • I though constantly about what others thought of me and would try extra hard to people please. 
  • I had a negative, nagging inner critic who NEVER SHUT UP! 

I’m so thankful to say that all stopped. Because of affirmations.  Because of that book.  By all means it alone didn’t get me to where I am now, but it was a start. It certainly didn’t happen over night either. It was a long hard slog, constantly battling against my ‘negative’ mindset; but after a few weeks, things definitely got easier. 

So when I bang on about affirmations and a positive mindset I’m being totally honest and speaking from experience and the heart. I’ve never thought of sharing this experience before; but now seems the right time. 🙂

A perfect example of how affirmations helped me; I used to always be ill. I let illness run my life. I would hold back from doing things, miss out on events and get proper anxious if I was too busy; because for me, bring busy made me ill. Tiredness, sorethoats, colds, headaches. All pretty minor stuff but I was always ill, always negative and always missing out on life because of it too.

So whenever my inner critic would pipe up and tell me I was getting ill, I’d replace my thoughts with an affirmation:

“I’m strong and healthy and I fight off illness and infection.”

And I can honesty say I’ve not been “ill” since. There’s still days where I feel a bit under the weather, yes, and Ive probably replaced being ill with being tired (my fiends would argue! lol) but I no longer put life on hold, or cancel meetings with friends or limit my life in fear of getting ill!

They’re powerful. Affirmations train your subconscious. (Susan’s book has chapters on the logic and science behind it all). Your subconscious or your thoughts can rule your life. But the best thing is…. 

YOU can control your thoughts. You can train your subconscious or inner critic to think differently.  

I have a million more examples. .. I attribute meeting my partner to affirmations too!  

Some of my faves that I borrowed from the book or made up myself. ..

“I am powerful and loving and I have nothing to fear” 

“I am moving through my day with ease and clairty” 

“I am good at everything I do” 

“I am a good friend and people enjoy my company” 

Basically any bad or negative thought I had about myself I would use an affirmation to reverse it. I either used one of the affirmations from the book or I made my own up to suit my language. So it would be the total opposite of what I was thinking. Even if I didn’t belive it at the time I kept with it – and you know what… things changed. So much so that I eventually believed it and would stop using it! 

All it takes is awareness and a bit of “thought training” and you can change your life. 

So I challenge you to listen and write down what YOUR inner critic says about you. What negative thought most rules your life? 

Reverse it! Put a totally positive spin on it. If its something like:

“Im no good at maths and Im going to fail”,

reverse it to an “I AM”; so it may go something like:

“I AM a good mathematician and success is obvious” or “I AM successful and talented at Maths”.

Even if you don’t believe it right now, just keep with it. Every time the negative thought pops into your mind, reverse it, quieten it, silence it!

Let me know how you get on, and please get in touch if you have questions or a topic you’d like covering. This blog is A) For me to exercise my writing and helping people muscle (which I didn’t know I loved so much!) and B) For you!

With Love

Kathy x

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