The Sensitive Subject



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As a parent to a sensitive child I’ve found this simple and short read immensely helpful. I’m also a highly sensitive person so I’ve also found it useful on a personal level too. As a mum to a sensitive child though I’ve felt challenged in how to handle his outbursts and sensitive ways, I’ve also felt challenged in how I explain this trait to my husband, and the book offers both support and reassurance for both of these. I feel like now I have some wonderful tools on hand to refer to when I/we need them most. I also feel equipped to both empower him and teach him to embrace his sensitivity. Thank you Kathryn for this most useful guide!

Miss G – Amazon Purchase

“I bought Kathryn’s book earlier on this year when my daughter was going through a particularly difficult stage with her high sensitivities and I need some new ideas and a fresh perspective on how to support her and manage my own expectations and parenting skills.

Kathryn’s insight, ideas and suggestions matched my parenting style and her own experiences as a highly sensitive person as well as parenting a highly sensitive child gave me confidence when implementing her advice. Full of fun, informative and some alternative thoughts on how to support your child, I would highly recommend.”

Mrs Cannon – Amazon Purchase