Calm and Clear

This bit… my sticking point. I’m so great and happy when sharing the informational, sciencey stuff, but when it comes to sharing the practical tools, the things I do to help clear and calm my sensitive self and daughter, I clam up.

I resisit.

I’ve never gotten past this bit before.

Reason?? Because I sense that “people” will dismiss my tools and techniques because they seem “too easy”, they seem “too simple”… I hear voices in my head: “she actually thinks THIS will help me and my child?! She’s crazy!”

As a society we have become obsessed with everything being hard, difficult and a struggle.

But it is not working out this way. Struggle is not what we are programmed for and our relationships, our bodies and our health is showing this!

I’m so proud and excited to be sharing this chapter with you (and the world!) Very soon… regardless of my fears and my resistence and regardless of what I think people will think!!

It CAN be easy.
It CAN be simple.
It CAN be done.

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