Could this one thing be making you CRAZY?

What makes me REALLY crazy?

Recently someone posted an article in one of the FB groups I follow which caught my eye. (A link to it is provided at the end of the blog).

The title “I Spent My 20s Trying To Get Rid Of My Anxiety, Here’s The One Thing That Actually Worked” lured me in.

At first I was a little dubious – I always am of these kinds of articles, I mean, it’s perfectly written to get you clicking! But I immediately connected with the writer and the article.

The way she speaks about “stuff weighing her down“, ” feeling like a person who doesn’t have her sh*t together because her home was a mess” , “feeling fresh and healthy when her apartment was cleaned and de-cluttered” and even that her “most relaxing part of her week is deep cleaning her room each Sunday” (oh I can so relate to that!) kept me interested.

I could tell the writer was high sensitive. An empath. This person is just like me…. I thought.

I hate mess too. I think my life is falling apart if theres too much mess. I hate clutter. Most of all; I hate how crazy, stuff and clutter make me feel. I wouldn’t call it anxiety per se. More like an intense yet subtle, long term annoyance, like a dripping tap, a ticking clock, an itchy top. It makes me CRAZY.

On edge, irritable, uncomfortable and annoyed. Horrible to live with. Unable to concentrate on my life – unable to get on with what I need to do, and when you’re trying to make your way as a self-employed lightworker, you really don’t need anything holding you back!

I’m not just talking unwashed pots or unmade beds. I’m talking messy cupboards full of unused items, unworn clothes, clutter, trinkets and unwanted gifts, run-out pens and things you have to keep ‘just in case’ – like I need another spare bottle of eyelash glue!

And I realised I’ve never written about my experience, because well…. my crazy cleaning thing is just that – a bit crazy. But it’s just not just cleaning – clearing and throwing and giving away. It’s always been my dirty little secret for years – no pun intended!

And speaking with a few females in my life, it seems its not just me. Maybe you resonate with my intense hatred of “stuff” and clutter?  Maybe you feel anxious and annoyed but don’t know why.  Maybe you feel trapped and overwhelmed when you visit a friends home who does like “stuff”. Maybe you can’t face throwing stuff away, scared to offend, seem ungrateful or fear you’re going to let something go and then need it a week later – but you feel anxious, agitated or stressed when in certain environments?

Can “stuff” really make you anxious?

Well yes, certainly if you’re sensitive. Sensitives or empaths (think you might be but don’t know what I’m on about? Read this…feel more than others, they pick up on subtle energies in their environment.  They have a finer tuned nervous system – hyper aware and sense subtleties in the environment, unseen or unfelt by other people.

Everything is energy. It has been scientifically proven that everything (everything) is made up of energy. Atoms and subatomic particles make up our entire universe.

And everything you own contains it’s own energetic vibration, it’s own energy.

That pile of magazines – energy.
The old unworn clothes – energy.
The unorganised mess that is your workspace – energy.

And all that extra old, stagnant energy is hanging around and clogging up YOUR energy (It’s all energy baby!), YOUR environment, YOUR emotional well being and YOUR feelings, making you prone to feeling anxious, irritated and agitated in your own environment and not being sure why.

Your ego (the part of you which thrives on fear, worry and anxiety) feeds off this and something as simple as a bit of clutter becomes the silent enemy.

So try clearing out and organising – just take an hour out of your week.. even 30 mins  (speaking from experience you can throw away A LOT of stuff in 30 mins! ), clearing, creating space and letting go of all that no longer serves any purpose in your life.

As elsa would say… Let IT GOOOOOO!

The original Article can BE FOUND HERE.

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