Crystals for Sensitive Children

OMG!!! PURE JOY.. look at my book baby here with these wonderfully supportive crystals for children! Katie at CM … I LOVE you… 🌊💜🌊
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▫️C R Y S T A L S F O R C H I L D R E N▫️
We can all agree that ALL children are incredible special, little miracles. They are also sponges + highly attuned to energetic vibrations. I’m really passionate about helping gifted children understand what they are seeing and I find a lot of parents coming to me to ask me advice on night terrors and behavioural patterns.

Now, I am lucky in the sense that I can tune into them and follow them on their astral travels so I know what their little wondering souls are up to and where they are going. So I can support them in either helping them through it and understanding what they see, to advising crystals for them to hold or grid their room with. Each case is different. I have so many beautiful stories☀️I have come across many high vibrational, ‘light’ children opening portals and vortexes in their rooms without even consciously knowing and sometimes I need to help them protect themselves from some of the levels they visit.

My friend @kathryn_pearson_ has written this wonderful book that I really recommend -its on Amazon 💫

These are some of the some crystals I recommend- purely through my experience working with these children.

💎Sodalite- my son uses this a lot he is extremely empathetic and clairsenstient, I find it helps calm and soothe his emotions, holding it in his left hand brings him back into his body and works on his throat to be able to communicate with me to explain what and why he is upset or scared. I find I suggest a lot of blue calming stones, blue calcite another emotional calming stone, as most of the children I help are going through something and need to cool and calm their aura.

💎Shungite- my master protector and I don’t feel it’s energy is too heavy and oppressive for these light children. It will form a protective bubble around them blocking out ALL frequencies, electromagnetic , geo pathic, negative energy it is even said to block bacteria. Seriously special stone.
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