Don’t Judge Me

Does being Highly Sensitive mean you’re a little bit better than everyone else?

~ Absolutely not!

Does it mean you’re perfect in every way?

~ Errrrrm NO!

Can you still be arrogant, rude, forgetful, mean, ignorant of others feelings, hurtful or throw epic tantrums (even adult ones) if you’re highly sensitive?

~ 1000% YES 😑

If you’re not Highly Sensitive, does that mean your UN-Sensitive (insensitive)?

~ NO, not at all.😵

Being Highly Sensitive doesn’t mean we’re some higher being; better than others or special in someway.

We’re not more elite than those who identify themselves as non-Highly Sensitive.

The word “sensitive” means different things to different people.

To most, being Highly Sensitive means getting overwhelmed easily. It means noticing details and feeling deeply.

It means:
excessive sensory stimulation = overload/overwhelm = not feeling ourself = concequences (behaviours or feelings)


Highly Sensitive People or Children are just that.



And no human being is perfect.

Not one single one.

Highly Sensitive People and Children are capable of behaviour that may surprise you; at the end of the day, they’re just like you, a person doing the best they can with what they’ve got.

Do you expect your Highly Sensitive Child, Friend, Wife, Sister, Cousin, Collegue to BE a certain way, just because they identify with the traits of being Highly Sensitive?

If so, from the bottom of our hearts, we ask you to think again:

What does the word “sensitive” mean to you and does that taint your expectations of those you know who are HS ?

Judgements of any kind are not necessary in this life. Please don’t judge your Highly Sensitive brothers and sisters as less than or wrong or not good enough, because they don’t match up to YOUR ideas about what Sensitivity means. “She shouldn’t behave like that, she’s Highly Sensitive”, “He should have known or picked up on it, he’s highly sensitive”, “They should know better, they’re meant to be Highly Sensitive”.


Accept and love everyhuman just as they are xx Kathy xx


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