Dust If You Must

“Dust if you must” memes + shares really piss you off. Like, seriously who made that shit up?
Dust (+ mess + dirt ) STOPS you from being the happy, carefree, focussed-on-their-children Mother, the meme tells you you would/should be, if only you left the dust.
You CAN’T leave the dust!
Double standards bitches.
You wish life was as simple as the meme suggests.
You try not dusting but sit inwardly twitching and achingly annoyed at the dust.
You leave the bathroom for one day longer than usual and feel triumphant. (Disgusted but triumphant)
The plastic hoard of your children scattered around the house, makes your skin crawl, you leave it, but later find yourself achingly irritated and not knowing why…
The forgotten toothbrush left on the sink, instead of being placed back in it’s place, makes you twitch. You try and ignore it; but it pops into your mind frequently throughout the day.
You MUST dust, because if you don’t your insides implode and you can’t be in the moment, enjoying your kids, just like the shitty meme says you must be.
Your nervous system craves clear and clean.
You can’t express this to many people without them calling you OCD or “weird” – but you can’t help that dust + mess + stuff creates a reaction in your mind, body and soul!
You must dust, you must tidy, you must clean, you shouldn’t be shamed for wanting (ok NEEDING) clean and clear spaces.
You must dust, that’s just you.
Let YOU dust.

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