Emotional Wellbeing ~ YOU ~


Imagine being content with life – just as it is.

Feeling peaceful, no rushing or chasing,  enjoying each moment; becoming more present and more aware.

What if YOU became a priority?

What if you were able to accept, embrace and LOVE all the parts of you that make you YOU?

This and more is possible and is what we will explore and embrace throughout the course of  ~YOU ~ a specially crafted collection of wellbeing circles.

April & Ridge-5



YOU is a collection of three 2.5 hour monthly sessions where we gather together to explore and learn techniques, tools and strategies to help you find peace and balance within your emotions.

Through the 3 sessions, you will gain practical experience of the tools and strategies suggested and learn how you might implement them in your life.

Each session aims to help you build your emotional resilience toolkit up; so that you leave with practical tools + skills which will last a lifetime.

The sessions are a safe space for you to gather with like minded women to experience how to infuse your life with self-compassion, forgiveness and self-acceptance, guided and supported fully by Kathryn.

This process is an invitation to release sabotaging mindset, thoughts and behaviours and breathe a sigh of relief as you explore what its like if you were to love yourself without condition and find strength in your vulnerability.




Three 2.5 hour in-person supported and guided sessions

20+ pages of helpful resources, information and tasks to help you fully immerse yourself in the process

Practical and simple tools for emotional wellbeing

Real-time experiences of all the practical tools suggested

Guided journeys and meditations (recorded and live)

Connection and support in our private Facebook group in between sessions

A personal and empathic approach to teaching 

 My complete humility – no egos and no patronising bull-shit; just everything you want to learn and everything I have learned, in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment




Each month we gather together in a specially created nurturing and held space (I always create a mandala and use special tools to create the most beautiful environment) we drink tea and feel welcomed.

Each session will be specially crafted to suit the needs of the group, but as a guide, we sit and I share with you practical tools or techniques; you can contribute if you wish, or simply absorb everything!

We break for more tea and connection and then we get back to it.

You leave armed with practical experiences, resources and a whole new perspective!

In between sessions I offer support and prompts via the private Facebook group to help you integrate the months “work”.



Circles are held on Saturdays 10am-12.30pm

6th April

4th May

1st June

At the Dinnington Methodist Church, S25 2PS



(these are clickable links take you to Paypal to set up re-occuring or one-off payments)

£175 one off payment

3 payments of £60

6 payments of £30

If you would like to set up a standing order instead of Paypal, please email kathrynpearsoneft@gmail.com








Emotional wellness for me is being aware and awake to our internal emotional environment, whilst having the tools, techniques and strategies to deal with anything that throws us off balance.

How I relate to myself is one of the most important aspect of who I am and the tools I teach in this course are the exact same tools I use every day to bring balance to my emotions, calm to my mind, and love to my life. I share them in this course with the hope that they will support you as well.

The YOU wellbeing circles were inspired by my own journey and the human need for connection. I spent years feeling unloveable, not good enough and in a turbulent world of emotional ups and downs. Through my experiences/teachings and training over the past 6-10 years I have gained tremendous insight into how it feels to be alone, lost, uptight, stressed, frustrated, depleted, and how the journey HOME to myself and my inner peace was worth every step (and penny)!

Kathryn has over 10 years teaching and mentoring experience and is a fully trained EFT practitioner/therapist. Kathryn has taught Teen Yoga for the past 3 years and trains teachers and children resilience and capacity building for Each Amazing Breath CIC.

She is soon to be a certified Breathwork Healer!


£175 one off payment

3 payments of £60

6 payments of £30

There are just spaces for 10 women.

Will I be expected to share or do group work?
You wont be expected to do a thing, except show up, be present and receive. There is no pressure to DO anything, you can contribute to a group discussion if you choose, or you can simply just listen and soak it all in. 
Will there be any Yoga involved?
There will be no traditional yoga postures or teaching involved in the course. There will be some breathing exercises and opportunities to lay down for relaxation/meditation, but no “movement” will be involved.
I really want to come but I cant make one of the dates – can I still come?
Email me and let’s discuss this. Im able to offer reduced rates and audio recordings of the classes if you can’t make it.
Why is it spread over 3 months?
For 3 main reasons: 
1: People have busy lives, me included, and showing up week after week to something is tricky! 1 session per month is a perfect way to enable busy women like you, the chance to integrate and prioritise their emotional wellness as easily as possible.
2: Improving your emotional wellness doesn’t happen overnight. Change is a process not an event, and I want to give you time to integrate all you learn, give you space and allow it all to unfold with no time pressure.
3: It was the most popular answer from my survey!
How do I know this is right for me?
There’s that feeling, despite your fears and your internal objections, you just KNOW this is right for you.  You can either let the part of you who doesn’t want you to grow, change and evolve be in charge, or you can take a stand and act despite your fears and internal objections. 
If you know you know!
I’m not a Highly Sensitive Person
Thats OK. I’m not trying to create a HSP cult! Non-HSP’s are welcome 😃 If you relate to me, are interested in what I write about or share on social media then I’m still the teacher/person for you.
~ To secure your place:
  1. Make a full payment of £175 by clicking here
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There are only 10 places on offer and I don’t know if I will run this again in 2019!
If you feel called and know that this is where you need to be – what’s stopping you!?
Kathy x