Emotional Wellness Workshop

April & Ridge-5

Now in its second round I know for certain that something special is happening. The first circle with all the women who said yes, has been unimaginable! I’m so honoured to be able to hold space for them as they discover their strength, their truth and how to love themselves.

Over the past 6+ years I have fallen in love with self-development, discovering how to improve my Emotional Well-ness, learning about my Highly Sensitive traits and Empathic nature and how to manage these.
And this “love affair” has been life changing for me.
Life before all of this was fractious, sporadic and haphazard.
  • I was negative, delicate and dissatisfied.
  • I never truly valued or looked after myself.
  • I struggled to accept my present moment and circumstances would arise to throw me off balance easily.
  • I struggled to find happiness and I thought there must be something wrong with me to feel how I felt inside.
The tools and concepts I learned throughout this 6+ year period have increased my ability to be comfortable and content with the present moment and allowed me to navigate challenging circumstances with ease, grace and patience.
Once I started learning about my Highly Sensitive nature and started to improve and look after my Emotional Well-being, life started to shift – quite drastically at first and improve in ways I couldn’t quite believe!
  • Wonderful people, experiences and opportunities started to appear in my life.
  • I was happier and more content with my life – just as it was.
  • Life felt more peaceful, I stopped rushing and chasing, and started to enjoy each moment; becoming more present and more aware.
  • Life became easier, I was happier and dare I say it – JOYOUS.
  • I stopped worrying about the future and stopped letting my past mistakes get the better of me.
  • It seemed that the more content + grateful I was, the more I had to be content + happy with!
  • I started to look after myself. I made myself a priority and things shifted. People started to treat me differently, which felt fabulous.
  • I learned to RESPOND rather than react.
  • I learned to fully accept, embrace and LOVE my Highly Sensitive traits and my Empathic nature – resulting in higher self-esteem and confidence.



It was a period that changed everything, and yes, at first it was hard. It took guts, hard work and determination.
It was when I started to value myself and the process i.e. I paid for it, I really started to take it seriously and that’s when the shifts started to happen.
I learned and realised that no one was here to do anything for me – it was down to me.
If I was going to shift my perception of life, increase my emotional well-being and my happiness, it was under my control and mine alone.
No one was coming to save me.
I was the only one who could create change in my life.
And YOU are worthy of knowing that change too.
It’s all inside of YOU too.
So now, after lots of personal investment and my own Emotional Well-being journey, I have been inspired to share these concepts, tools and strategies with YOU:
Those of you who feel called to be here now reading this.
I tried to create a “workshop” but this felt too superficial
The more I planned and thought about it, the more it evolved and I realised how much valuable stuff I had to share. You see I’ve invested around £15,000 in myself in the last 6 years, that means I have a lot to share!
So instead of just a one-off “workshop” I’m offering you the opportunity to attend 3 specially designed CIRCLES over 3 months where I will:
  • ~ Teach strategies to help bring you into the present moment and help increase your awareness of yourself, of the present moment and of your emotions and feelings (a massively important step in improving your emotional well-being)
  • ~ Help you develop ways to accept your emotions and feelings and learn how to express them in ways that feel good for you
  • ~ Guide you and suggest strategies so you can fully understand the benefits of gratitude and how to be content with what’s already here
  • ~ Help you to develop a positive mindset, learn a collection of stress reducing strategies which are right for you, and introduce  you to ways of clearing your thoughts, mind and internal (often negative) chatter
  • ~ Teach you how to increase your capacity to respond to circumstances rather than react (I’m not perfect and I don’t always get that right! I plan to bring my humility with me and share lots of personal experiences with you)
  • ~ Help you find ways to increase your self-worth so YOU can value your self more (and in turn you’ll find others value you more too) This has been a big one for me this year – hence me stepping up – FINALLY – and sharing!
  • ~ Take YOU to a place of deep rest, relaxation and rejuvenation by helping you find a practice which soothes your Highly Sensitive or Empathic Nature and is right for YOU.


  • ~ Each session I will share with you my favourite support materials, such as Herbs, oils, crystals, oracle cards, books and the like, I’ll cover: what it does, where to buy, how to use it etc, so you don’t feel so daunted by the barrage of stuff out there! 
April & Ridge-3
In todays busy and modern world, putting ourselves first seems almost impossible, but if I’ve learned anything it’s this:

No one is coming to save me.

I have to do the work.

I have to take the leap.

No matter how uncomfortable or how scary it is,

I have to take a stand for ME.

April & Ridge
And I’m not just going to teach and run; I am also offering the opportunity to be supported in-between our sessions/workshops:
Through an optional private Facebook group, I will share weekly prompts (to gently hold you accountable) and it will be a place to celebrate breakthroughs and get support from the other women in the group.
So if you feel called to learn more about tools and strategies which bring you more in line your happiness and your JOY, improving your own emotional well-being and health, especially as someone who identifies with being a Highly Sensitive Person or an Empath; you can get the ball rolling NOW!
Where and when will sessions be held?
The sessions will be held at Dinnington Methodist Church, Laughton Rd, Dinnington. S25 2PS
The dates for the sessions are: Saturday 6th April, Saturday 4th May, Saturday 1st June. Time: 10am-12.30
I’m in! How much is it and what do I need to do?
First of all: YEY!!!
I’m offering an incentive to book early, by offering a lower priced investment of £175 for you, (the cost will rise to £200 in late March)
Decide how you’d like to pay:
  1. Make a full payment of £175 by clicking here
  2. Make 3 payments of £60 by clicking here
  3. Make 6 payments of £30 by clicking here
If you prefer to send the payments via bank transfer my details are: 40-28-01  21402358 (Mrs K Bell), please let me know if you do this.
Places will be limited to 10 people.
What you will receive:
  • ~ Three 2.5 hour sessions, spaced over three months (April, May, June) covering everything I know about self-development, emotional well-being for Highly sensitive people and empaths and creating happiness for yourself. 
  • ~ Information sheets and take home materials supporting the session topics
  • ~ Specially designed tasks to help integrate the teaching into your life in between the sessions
  • ~ Weekly prompts from me via the Facebook Group (optional)
  • ~ More tea than you can shake a stick at and some yummy snacks and treats during each session
  • ~ A personal and empathic approach to teaching 
  • ~ My complete humility – no egos and no patronising bull-shit; just everything you want to learn and everything I have learned, in a friendly, safe and comfortable environment
  • ~ BONUS: Everyone who takes this course/workshop will receive 6 online meditations to help you deepen and integrate what’s on offer. You will get lifetime access to these as listen to them as much as you wish.
Would you like more accountability or support?
I am available to offer 1-2-1 support to a limited number of people for an additional investment, which includes email support, tailored materials and 2.5 hours personal mentoring in-person or online. Please get in touch to enquire about this.
You will also receive access to 2 online instructional breathing techniques/breath awareness videos, which complement the 6 meditation recordings and can be used independently and in conjunction with the meditations. These can be found in the same place as the recordings online.
Book Your Place:
~ To secure your place:
  1. Make a full payment of £175 by clicking here
  2. Make 3 payments of £60 by clicking here
  3. Make 6 payments of £30 by clicking here
I’m looking forward to welcoming you and I really look forward to sharing some time together and connecting in person.
I imagine you have some questions, so please keep reading, if there is anything I haven’t answered please reply to this email.
Will I be expected to share or do group work?
You wont be expected to do a thing, except show up, be present and receive. There is no pressure to DO anything, you can contribute to a group discussion if you choose, or you can simply just listen and soak it all in. 
Will there be any Yoga involved?
There will be no traditional yoga postures or teaching involved in the course. There will be some breathing exercises and opportunities to lay down for relaxation/meditation, but no “movement” will be involved.
I really want to come but I cant make one of the dates – can I still come?
Email me and let’s discuss this. 
Why is it spread over 3 months?
For 3 main reasons: 
1: People have busy lives, me included, and showing up week after week to something is tricky! 1 session per month is a perfect way to enable busy women like you, the chance to integrate and prioritise their emotional wellness as easily as possible.
2: Improving your emotional wellness doesn’t happen overnight. Change is a process not an event, and I want to give you time to integrate all you learn, give you space and allow it all to unfold with no time pressure.
3: It was the most popular answer from my survey!
How do I know this is right for me?
There’s that feeling, despite your fears and your internal objections, you just KNOW this is right for you.  You can either let the part of you who doesn’t want you to grow, change and evolve be in charge, or you can take a stand and act despite your fears and internal objections. 
If you know you know!
I’m not a Highly Sensitive Person
Thats OK. I’m not trying to create a HSP cult! Non-HSP’s are welcome 😃 If you relate to me, are interested in what I write about or share on social media then I’m still the teacher/person for you.
~ To secure your place:
  1. Make a full payment of £175 by clicking here
  2. Make 3 payments of £60 by clicking here
  3. Make 6 payments of £30 by clicking here
There are only 10 places on offer and I don’t know if I will run this again in 2019!
If you feel called and know that this is where you need to be – what’s stopping you!?
Kathy x
thank you