Gathering In Circle

Craving connection,
Craving to be seen and belong,
I stepped into the smoke filled room.
Eerie music played,
My senses were ignited,
The scent of the sage felt like home,
My bare feet noticed the the texture of the well-worn rug,
As I chose a space at the far end of the room, I noticed every step.
The bright rainbow coloured ribbons laid out in circle,
The glistening flecks of gold in the floor cushions,
Glimmered and danced with my eyes,
Overwhelmingly, I felt the warmth and vulnerability of the women already seated,
They cradled me in their beautiful wings,
Some already in tears, like they knew.
No words were spoken,
We used our eyes, smiles and hearts to communicate.
Each day we gathered this way; introspective and silent,
Respectful and sensitive to each others needs,
I never felt alone, never. 
Held continuously in circle.
I craved connection,
To be held and loved by a virtual stranger,
When you feel your most exposed and vulnerable.
To be seen and witnessed by women who don’t fear you,
When you feel small and feared.
To know, without saying a word.
Their warmth emanated and filled my heart.
I craved to be seen.
And Oh! Did they? – these women SAW me; they saw into my soul,
They saw my potential and my light,
They saw the complete and whole me,
They saw who I had been and who I was destined to be.
Their vision of me was far greater than the vision I had for myself.
Their love for me was far greater than the love I had for myself.
I came home to a practice which nourished my roots, my history, my very core: gathering in circle.
I am forever connected to them
Bound in circle,
with each other and for each other,
In times past
And in times to come
Once more
Again and again.
Until the earth fades and the light goes out.
In this world and the next.
Gathering in circle is one of the human races most beautiful acts.
Wether its Men gathered around a table,
Anxiously twitching their legs on a bar stool.
Eagerly sipping their pints of larger,
Sharing laughter, stories and struggles.
Or a family sharing a home cooked meal,
Around the well-worn, rough wooden dining room table.
Hungrily shovelling food in their hungry tummies,
Sharing nourishment, sharing relief, sharing their lives.
Or maybe school boys gathering at their computers in their bedrooms,
connected via a wireless headpiece and an internet connection
Fighting the same fights,
Saving the same lives,
Sharing their play time.
Gathering together and sat knee to knee, heart to heart, face to face, interacting without words, listening and being present for one another, silently breathing the same air, together, as one group, is utterly breathtaking.
I am blessed to have experienced this gathering in so many beautiful ways.
I am human. I am connected. I belong. I am seen.
Would you like to gather in circle with me?
A space and a yearning has been growing in me to bring together women, just like me, just like YOU.
I’m excited to announce that I am holding 3 special sessions in starting in 2019.
My reason for creating this sessions was born out of my own experiences and pain of feeling like I wasn’t good enough and like I didn’t belong anywhere – I really craved connection, but I didn’t know where to find it – I didn’t know it was inside of myself.
It’s been a long time coming but now I’m ready to open up and create that safe container for ladies, just like me, to gather together and learn about connection, to themselves and to their well-being and hopefully one another.
If you would like to learn more about this amazing opportunity to be held in-person in my local area (Dinnington, South Yorkshire, not far off the M1 J31) please email me at

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