Highly Sensitive – are we all the same?

ABSOLUTELY NOT! It’s said that each Highly Sensitive person has their own “unique sensitivity fingerprint”, and I personally feel that’s a beautiful way of thinking about it.

Differing levels of sensitivity, different sensitivity triggers and ranging tolerances, coupled with differing personalities, differing home lives and experiences; means that no Highly Sensitive Person (or child!) will be the same as the next.

I know children who get overwhelmed with social situations because of their sensitivity.
Some who are very sensitive to tastes and mouth textures.
Some who are so in tune with how others feel, they find it hard to connect to their own inner needs, putting how others feel before themselves.
Some who are deeply connected to the world around them – plants, flowers, bugs and insects – they couldn’t care less about making friends.
Some who are so incredibly emotionally sensitive; getting upset when others do or being scared of loud children, but caring deeply about other children and always wanting to help.
Some who hate loud noises.
Some who avoid birthday parties.
Some who act out and you would swear they were confident and outspoken – but inside, battle with their inner world and insecurities.

If you took the Highly Sensitive person (or child) questionnaire via hsperson dot com, then you will have noticed the large number of questions, or “markers”, for sensitivity. Maybe you connected with some more than others?

It’s important to know that not all Sensitives will display the same characteristics. Not all will appear shy, or emotional or act like they are sensitive. (Especially the boys!!)

Either way – It is not something they need to turn off or toughen up to.

Every sensitive is uniquely brilliantly sensitive + empathic in their own special way and the world needs them. Look out for my video on Facebook…

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