How my life as a Teacher inspired this creation..

I’d always knew I wanted to “help people” when I was growing up, and this desire led me into secondary school teaching.
In 2009 I started my first full time role in a large secondary school. My Y11, Y12 and Y13 students were fun and carefree, but ambitious; they knew how to have fun, but they knew where they wanted to be and most of them put the work in.
Stress wasn’t really a factor – sure, some of them had the tendency to get stressed over exams or deadlines, but on the whole, excessive stress wasn’t an issue.
Over the coming years 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013; things changed.
Drastically. It was palpable.
University places became scarce, the competition for work placements got fierce, job opportunities suddenly disappeared, social media evolved and went BIG.
OFSTED placed huge pressure on schools to get better grades, which in turn meant students got placed under more pressure to get better grades and the social stigma around being jobless or “on the dole” became intense.
It seemed that getting the best grades was the only way to be a success and the only way to avoid a lifetime of failure.
It was like a pressure cooker; thing just got more and more intense. Each year the expectations were raised, the goal posts were widened and the pressure increased.
It was around about 2014 when I decided I couldn’t work this way anymore – my desire to “help people” had been squashed and I found little to no meaning to the work I was doing.
I wasn’t helping my students, I was just adding to their stress.
I would spend many a lunch time consoling students who had failed a test, or not passed a module, or felt their life wasn’t worth living because they couldn’t get any work experience. To me, being a shoulder to cry on, wasn’t helping them, it wasn’t a meaningful experience.
Add this to the social pressure to look perfect, have a perfect boyfriend, the perfect life, pass a driving test, break-ups, friendship troubles and anything else that life had to throw their way.
It all just felt too much. I knew there had to be something different for me and for them.
So in 2015 I left teaching, with a seed of hope that one day I could help these students (which by the way, weren’t just Y11/12/13s anymore – the panic attacks, emotional outbursts and anxiety had now filtered down to my Y8 tutor group – girls aged 12 and 13 were struggling with the social pressure of school and teenage life in a way you couldn’t imagine).
To cut a very long story short, we need to fast forward to today – 2019 – some 4 years after I left my job with that seed of hope and inspiration.
I created “Calm, Confident and Connected” out of that seed to help people, namely young people, who are growing up in a world no one prepared them for.
I’ve used my 8+ years of working closely with young people to help craft this platform, plus the experience of the past 3+ years of weekly Teen Yoga classes and working 1-2-1 with a range of clients and parents.
I believe in this work and my ability to craft an online space which is specially designed with young people in mind, which caters for their needs and it accessible to a wide range of young people.
Many of the people who have already taken the course have found the audio materials some of the most helpful things ever and have loved trying out yoga in the comfort of their own home.

If you would like to learn more about this platform you can visit THIS PAGE or send me a message.

Wishing you nothing but love,
Kathy x

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