If I don’t, who will?

The fog is clearing and you start to see what’s been there all along:


You start to feel happy with being lonely sometimes, because you’re connected to yourself – the only connection that truly matters as, all other connections stem from this one.

You embrace the superficial chit chat, because you are authentic with yourself – the only authenticity that truly matters – authenticity with others starts within.

You are ok with being invisible to others because you see yourself – the only person who truly needs to see you. When you see yourself, others start to see you too.

You see yourself..

As worthy
As valuable
As loveable
As love 🌹

Seeing myself is not selfish. It’s not even egotistical. It’s essential.

When I don’t see myself I’m snappy. I’m irritable. I’m mean. I’m grumpy. I’m unhappy and I don’t know why.

I have been showing up for myself today in as many ways as I can.

Tending to my physical body by having a Shiatsu Massage.

Honouring my emotions by dancing and crying in my kitchen.

Giving my intellect a break from trying to figure it all out but taking a bath in the afternoon and zoning OUT!

Connecting to my spiritual practice and leaning into my faith and trust through meditation and ceremony and ritual.

If I don’t do this for myself – who does?

As my husband always says… “who cleans the cleaner?” He’s such a wise one 😂


Until next week…

Kathy xoxo

Would you like to gather in circle with me?
A space and a yearning has been growing in me to bring together women, just like me, just like YOU.

I’m excited to announce that I am holding 3 special sessions in starting in 2019.

My reason for creating this sessions was born out of my own experiences and pain of:

~ feeling like I wasn’t good enough
~ feeling like I didn’t belong anywhere
~ I really craved connection, but I didn’t know where to find it – I didn’t know it was inside of myself.

It’s been a long time coming but now I’m ready to open up and create that safe container for ladies, just like me, to gather together and learn about connection, to themselves and to their well-being and hopefully one another.

If you would like to learn more about this amazing opportunity to be held in-person in my local area (Dinnington, South Yorkshire, not far off the M1 J31) please email me at kathrynpearsoneft@gmail.com

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