Kathryn Pearson


Working one-to-one, in small groups and delivering classes and workshops, on topics such as High Sensitivity, meditation, stress and self-belief, I love to reduce the stress, frustration and confusion of parents and young people face today, being misunderstood High Sensitives in a non-sensitive world.

Inspiring and motivating you to believe that High Sensitivity is something which should be celebrated!

My Story

A few years ago I was the most miserable and negative version of ‘me’ I had ever been. I spent most of my life stressed, worried, caring about what others thought of me and making decisions that were making me miserable. My life lacked organisation or focus and I struggled balancing my home and work life.

So I embarked on a mentoring process where I was introduced to a therapy, EFT, and it helped me shift massive emotional stuff which caused painful patterns of behaviour, such as lack of focus and self-sabotage.

I also, overnight, learned I was a Highly Sensitive person. Not neurotic or ‘mental’, I was in fact, one of the 20% of the population who is believed to have a more sensitive nervous system than other people and I noticed and felt more about my environment. Finally I had an explanation as to why I was so emotional, why I got so overwhelmed, why I hated loud noise and why I couldn’t hack my career as a secondary school teacher!

I was a different person – my life had a complete turn around – I’m now in control of my happiness, I’m positive and grateful. I’m also a mother – to a beautiful Highly Sensitive daughter, who has taught me so much and is the reason I’m here now.

I then was gifted the joy which is Teen Yoga and this slotted into my life perfectly and complemented everything I was trying to achieve; I soon realised teaching meditation and relaxation was one of my strengths and passions.

Head over to my YouTube channel for videos around High Sensitivity.

I was trained in EFT and Mentored by the award winning Sally Canning, Transformational Coach and Trusted Mentor to Successful Women and Winner of the National Women Inspiring Women Award Trainer/Speaker 2014. My Teen Yoga Teacher, Charlotta Martinus, has been teaching Yoga to teens for over 10 years and is a senior yoga teacher. Please visit www.teenyoga.co.uk to find out more.

I have also since been mentored by Intuitive Coach and Best Selling author of Light Is The New Black, Rebecca Campbell.

In 2019 I embarked on a healing journey again, this time training as a breath work healer, with Erin Telford www.erintelford.com who teachers the David Elliot breath work – for more information www.davidelliot.com. Please contact me to enquire about sessions – kathybellbreathwork@gmail.com

I have a BSc (Hons) in Nutrition, Health and Lifestyles and PGCE Food and Textiles Technology. I have taught Food and Nutrition & Health and Social Care in secondary schools for 7 years.

I have also been a Business and First Class flight attendant and loved every second. I love the outdoors and when I’m not spending time with my gorgeous and crazy family; I’m planning new ways of making a difference in the world, oh and blogging!

Kathryn Pearson Certified EFT practitioner (Level 2) with the AMT (Association of Meridian Therapies), Teen Yoga Certified Instructor – Qualified to tech Yoga and Mindfulness to Teenagers.