Love is all you need

Each of us has the power to raise our vibration, Shine our light,

Be the calm,
Be the peace,
Be the positive,
Be the LOVE.
Step by step,
Piece by piece,
Person by person,
We have the power to change an entire generation.

Light up the children and shine the light on them.

Raise peaceful and fulfilled humans,
Pave the way for our planets future.

Blaze like the cosmic diamond violet flame,
A path clear enough for them to see.

A world where oneness is the norm,
Where peace, love and calm lead the way.

No power struggles, no bankers, no war, no bombs, no killing, no hurt, no scarcity, pain or negativity.

We have the power.
We have the knowledge.
We have the LOVE.

LOVE always wins,
Love is the answer,
Love, love, love, love is all you need.

In those moments of despair, choose love, choose it, breathe it, live it, act it, be the LOVE.

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