Music: A Part of Being Human?

I used to love music, and I mean really love it.

Especially live music.

And it wasn’t just the music I loved.

It was the feeling of connection with total strangers – people I never met before:

sharing sweat,
sharing personal space,
sharing oxygen,
exchanging smiles with a knowing-ness that the music being played, means something to them, just as it means something to me.

These people, feel like family.

Connection to total strangers because of music – it sounds almost fantasy.

But for a Highly Sensitive Person or Empath – scrap that, for ANY HUMAN – Music is a gateway, a portal, a secret door into the realms of connection, remembrance and Love.

The lyrics of your favourite songs being sung at the top of 1000’s of people lungs – pure heart explosion.

Looking around, you see 100’s of beaming, radiant faces and it makes you swell with even more love than you thought possible.

You tear up at how the lyrics are a snapshot of time and space for the musician, turned into a life changing, electrifying, emotional and moving piece of music for you, and all the other people sharing this moment with you too.

When you combine the knowingness between strangers and the beautiful, electrifying effect of music, you get one intense experience, which brings the whole body alive

the capability of human connections almost knows no bounds.

It’s one of the most beautiful parts about being human.

Yet I stopped prioritising music – “grown up” I have spent the last few years driving around with nursery rhymes on in the car instead of my favourite band.

Too tired or too exhausted to even consider going to a gig anymore.


It’s sad but true, music had disappeared and I felt like there was something missing in my life. I didn’t have the energy, impetus or opportunity to go to gigs; the bands I used to love had all moved on musically, and I wasn’t sure it would be the same if I went now.

Then something happened.

Right before I went to Glastonbury last year to attend Rebecca Campbell’s retreat and during a meditation with the other co-host Madleine Giles, this one song played and I immediately visioned a circle of women.

I was immediately connected to them through this song, the lyrics, the energy of the music. It was divine and I replayed and replayed the song, feeling similar feelings to that of listening to live music – it was like I was connected to these women (who were still strangers at this point) and we were all sat around smiling at each other with that knowingness.

When in Glastonbury, we were given the opportunity, by Rebecca, to create a playlist, I knew instantly what my song would be.

This song (and all the songs all the ladies suggested actually!) created a connection between us that was so different to that of live music, but created such a similar feeling, sensation in my heart and connection.

From then on, music started to play a huge part of my life again. I discovered a whole new world of music and a whole new level of connection. I’ve rediscovered the connection, remembrance and LOVE of music and it feels goooooooood!

I realised experiencing music was part of being human, it plays a huge role in everyones lives, and it was important for me to have a connection to music. Even though I had out grown gigs, I hadn’t out grown music.

How about you? Was music a big part of your life too? Is it still now? I invite you to inquire and listen to the human parts of you who long to be heard, especially in relation to music.

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