Notice How You Feel…

I must say this phrase 100 time a week – I almost get sick of hearing myself say it, but I was speaking with my boss (if you can really call her that..! She’s noting like a boss!) and she really highlighted to me the importance of what I/we do. “Notice how you feel” promotes self-enquiry and self-enquiry is a skill needed for adulthood and health mental health.

Wether its noticing length in your body, or how a posture feels when you let go, or noticing how you feel before a breathing practice or how you feel after. Don’t get me wrong, I get strange looks from time to time, when I say “notice how you feel” to a group of teenagers, but that makes me more determined to keep on saying it!

Its a skill not everyone gets to develop;  unless you get taught about it, unless emotions and feeling are discussed at home, unless you’re really given the opportunity to explore and enquire into your own feelings, it barely develops. But what it does is magical – it helps you build resilience to set backs, stress, anxiety. Knowing how you feel and more importantly, being able to label it, makes you emotionally intelligent, meaning you can manage and self regulate you own emotions. Self-enquiry should start at a young age and it should be taught in schools – but classrooms are too busy, schedules are too tight. Emotional education doesn’t make it onto the Governments lists of priorities – but thats ok.


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