It’s not for you, 

Whatever you may think, 

It’s not for you, 

Please don’t  make the mistake,  

Of thinking any of this is for you.

It’s not for you, 

The photos of my daughter, dog or garden,

The uploads of my day,  

The statuses I write,

Its not for you.

Please don’t be offended,

That none of its for you,

I’m not trying to please you 

Or show off to you, 

I’m using the Internet,

To document events, 

I’m living my life,  

With heart,

I live for the moment, 

And I capture it, I share it and I archive it.

None of its for you.

The pictures I share are for me,

For my aunty who doesn’t see me as much as she’d like, 

For my cousins in other countries,

For my best friends on other time zones,

For my mum who lives round the corner,

Sometimes some of it is for the missing pieces of my family, 

I know they might not see, but a small part of me hopes they do.

None of its for you.

So please, if my life offends you, 

Remember none of its for you.

Please don’t waste a second contemplating my life. 

Or comparing your life to mine.

No one knows what each of us faces,

The stuff we don’t share, 

The stuff that’s too hard to share. 

The stuff that we really should share….

Next time you see an upload and you make a judgement,

Remember none of its for you.

Life is for living, 

Life is for loving,

Life is for peace, 

Life is for joy.

Let’s ditch the jealousy, the resentment, the comparison,  the low energy thoughts.

Let’s all be kind. 

Let’s all support each other.

Let’s all love one another.

If someone is shining brighter than you, Contemplate what you can do,

To shine your light in your own special way. 

Let them inspire you,

Let them be the reason you make a change

Don’t waste your time thinking any of this is for you. 

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