Age: 16 | Occupation: Student

What three things changed for you after working with me/EFT?

My confidence in certain situations grew, my attitudes towards stress and anxiety changed for the better and my levels of happiness increased!


What did you feel before the group sessions?

Before I started EFT I struggled to control emotions, particularly when I was feeling very isolated and anxious. I avoided any situation that I thought would make me feel nervous or that felt like a “threat”. I missed countless lessons and days at school that I had to teach myself in my own time to keep up, and I was in a bad place. I was willing to try anything to get rid of or lesson my anxiety levels and overcome my fears, and after having CBT and trying various other therapies, tapping appealed to me as something I should try.


What did you feel after the group sessions and using EFT?

My first session was with a small group of girls from my school. Initially, we didn’t know each other but Kathy was encouraging and helped us to gain confidence and open up to each other.

The sessions were very relaxing and helpful as they targeted areas that we all struggled in such as exam nerves and school pressures. It was also nice to have a new group of friends that I felt comfortable around and it helped me to tell them about how I felt whereas I usually kept my emotions to myself. We even ended up with a group chat on Facebook in which we now support each other outside of the sessions too!

Overall, the sessions brought out my confidence and personality, as well as putting a smile back on my face and making me giggle 😀


What surprising changes did you notice in your life, health or well-being?

The most surprising thing that I noticed was finding myself in situations that I would have avoided such as going out for a meal or going into a busy room. I also noticed changes in my general mood, an increase in motivation and a lot less comfort eating! I found myself attending revision sessions and feeling a lot more relaxed about it. Thank you Kathy!