Age: 17  |  Occupation: Student

EFT has helped to build my self-esteem whenever I have doubted myself. It has been my go-to de-stressing activity and made me believe in myself.

Previously I participated in an EFT stress workshop during my GCSE’s and it truly made a difference to my results. I used it immediately before a Spanish speaking exam, which I was struggling to remember anything I had revised. I had a complete mental block and was terrified I was going to fail because I could remember the script.

I tapped for around 5 Mins before the exam, I immediately felt calmer and was able to ace the speaking exam! Contributing to my B overall. I don’t believe this would have been possible without EFT.

I have been using it in the run up to my A Levels. After completing a session of EFT I definitely feel a lot more happy and content with myself and it gives me the motivation I need to continue studying.

EFT reminds me that I am good enough and even though I get stressed, nothing will stand in my way!