Age: 18  |  Job: Student

Could you briefly outline your problem which led to you attending the workshop/session.

Initially, my problem was being stuck in a place I was very uncomfortable with and my emotions were very sporadic and up and down. This was affecting my life in so many ways – I was very unhappy.


How did you feel before the Session?

Sceptical I have to say! Why should someone tapping on my body parts help me change my feelings???!! But I was so desperate for an answer to my problem that I was willing to try any offer of help available.


How did you feel during the EFT treatment?

Kathryn made me feel so unselfconscious that I relaxed very quickly and was soon opening up to her my deepest thoughts and anxieties! I am usually a very private person, keeping my thoughts to myself, but the session was so relaxing I soon started to offload!!


How did you feel immediately after the EFT treatment?

Difficult question to answer? Initially I felt guilty for some of the feelings I offloaded during the session and felt I had been disloyal to the person I had mentioned during the tapping process who I have difficulties with. However, after my 3 sessions I feel it was therapeutic to get those feelings out in the open, which has consequently helped me feel more philosophical about the situation.


Did the EFT have any lasting effects or did you notice anything different in the following weeks?

Surprisingly (or not) I have felt so much more relaxed and calmer. Calmer is a word I keep coming up with when people ask me how it went. I am now dealing with my personal issues and accepting I cannot change people therefore I can see my role differently now. Consequently, I have noticed a marked difference in my emotions; I am much more balanced and in control. I am also much more active. Lethargic was my middle name but now I feel so much better. I keep waiting for the old me to return but thankfully it hasn’t!!


Would you recommended EFT to people? What would you say?

Absolutely, it is such a shame I didn’t know about it much earlier. Better late than never though. Psychologically I was stuck in a place in my head that needed shifting. Give it a go!!


Did you feel confident enough to go away and use tapping for yourself?

At first I felt a bit silly tapping myself but now I have got used to doing it and feel much more comfortable – especially when I have negative thoughts. When I am aware of these thoughts coming into my consciousness I sit down quietly and tap about them. This stops the thoughts from festering.

Thanks Kathryn for being my bright light at the end of my very long tunnel.