Age: 17  |   Occupation: Student

I was having a hard time balancing my home life with school life and also work, I was finding it very hard to stay on top of all the work I was being given and it started to cause me a lot of stress, from exam preparation to coursework deadlines I did not feel as if I was going to do very well as I felt at if I was behind all my other class mates.


How did you feel before EFT?

Before the session I felt very stressed, angry and agitated, I started to take out this anger on teachers, myself and also my family. I felt as if I was letting everyone down by falling behind and started to criticise and question myself as to why I let this happen. As a result of this I became less motivated as I felt that there was little point in trying as I felt that whatever I would do I would fail anyway, which I began to accept and therefore I fell even further behind my class mates.


How did you feel during the treatment?

During the treatment I began to feel very relaxed and calm and I felt as if I was being listened to, I began to be able to vent my anger as everything that was being stated and the emotions I experienced I never knew existed, I was overwhelmed and extremely upset as I then began to realise that I was not only stressed but I was also embarrassed and ashamed of how far I had let myself fall behind. I started to understand how harsh I was being on myself and that the effect of my stress was causing me and my education a lot of harm. I also began to understand my emotions and understand what it was that I was experiencing as I originally thought the anger was caused by the amount of school work but I then began to realise that it was not caused by this, as this only contributed to the stress, but also the fact I felt as if I was letting others down had a much larger effect on me as I became aware that I valued my teachers and their comments as well as trying to make my family proud which made me feel like I had failed them.


How did you feel immediately after EFT?

Immediately after EFT I felt better; I felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders and as if I had been listened to and I realised that all of the emotions that I was experiencing was simply a result of being overwhelmed and that I needed to talk about what I was feeling instead of bottling it up. It instantly made me feel more motivated and more positive towards my school and home life. It made me feel much more happy and I felt as if I could go home and catch up with all of the work I had been avoiding.


Did the EFT session have any lasting effects or did you notice anything different in the following weeks?

The EFT helped considerably as I finished my coursework that day and met my deadlines, I caught up with the work I needed to complete which I had avoided for long periods of time and I got stuck in with my revision. It made me feel so much happier and a lot less stressed, it made me feel much more confident about myself and helped to regain my self-esteem and motivation. I also realised that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself, which helped me to create reasonable and appropriate targets throughout my school, home and work life.


Would you recommend EFT to others?

I would recommend EFT to any young male or female experiencing any kind of stress and in particular exam stress as I know how much it helped me, if I could get EFT once a month I know for a fact I would be much more positive about myself, my life and my education. It helped me to control my emotions and understand exactly what I was feeling. I feel as if it is vital that EFT should be used in school to help with exam stress as us students simply think stress is a part of exams when in fact it shouldn’t be!