Age: 35  | Occupation: Activities Coordinator

Goal: Be more motivated, be in control and have a positive relationship with myself.


How well do you feel you met these objectives through working with me?

Very well, and much more than I anticipated. I wasn’t sure what to expect as I was quite new to EFT too and my negative behaviour has been this way for such a long time. I was amazed by my own responses and how quickly it happened. Long held beliefs and actions just slipped away without really any conscious decision on my part.


How did EFT help achieve your objectives?

It brought to light some interesting things. I was surprised at the impact they were having on me without realising. It allowed me to discover and then accept these feelings and the effect they were having on me, and then to let them go.


Working with Kathy was……

It was enlightening and enjoyable! I felt safe and respected no matter what I said which meant I could really let go of things and talk freely.