It’s time to be real.
Real with a capital R.

For the past few years you have been on a journey; you’ve faced hardships and pain you never ever thought you’d ever have to face.

You’ve changed, you’ve learned and you’ve evolved, grown and f*cking up-levelled in so many ways.

You’ve gotten to know and witnessed the deepest, darkest depths of yourself, when no one else was around.

Owning up to your shadows and acknowledging your shadow self (the darkest depths of your self) has been painfully uncomfortable. Being seen and heard for who you truly are (in all of your true glory) has been achingly awkward too.

But you ARE doing it: owning and taking a stand for your humaness and your whole self, learning to love and accept all parts of YOU, (despite the bumps in the road, making you think that you’re not good enough, or that you should BE different because someone/something wants you to be).

You also want to speak your Real truth, because you want your children (and ALL our sons + daughters) to grow up speaking their Real truth, their magic, their awesomeness, yet some nights you feel like you failed, again, because you gave your power away to someone or you didn’t speak up when you could have.

But you ARE speaking up and starting to speak your truth, despite the fact that speaking your truth changes your tone, your voice; it feels aggressive and ballsy (2 things you try NOT to be so you remain the good girl who people like) it doesnt feel like you, yet you know, deep in your core, your soul and your heart, that this IS you.

Keep going.

Being seen and heard for your Real self hasn’t quite landed for you YET and you still play out this story that you must censor some (ok mostly all) of yourself to be liked, to fit in and to be the good girl.

But you ARE doing it, you are using your Real voice in a way that has changed, you are revealing more and more of your Real self – caring less and less about the judgements.

You’ve spent so long being someone else that becomming Real isn’t going to happen overnight. Dropping the years and layers of awkward inauthenticity, the act of morphing into the avatar people see you as, isn’t going to stop over night – It takes courage to be Real. It takes patience to be Real. Open. Authentic. Vulnerable. YOU.

It’s not going to be an event, it’s going to slowly trickle into your life, time won’t be factor and you’ll catch glimpses of the Real you, those glimpses to you, will seem like huge shifts to others.

You’re doing it.
You’re doing it.
You’re doing it.

You’re becoming real with a capital R.

For me, leaving my “job” 4 years ago and embarking on this journey, wasn’t just about building a business.

It was about coming home to myself.

And the last 4 years, especially, have been turbulent, rocky, inspiring, earth shattering and I have uncovered many foundational issues in my life that were causing me a lot of pain and discomfort.

The main one: Thinking and feeling as though I wasn’t good enough and that I wasn’t doing “it” right/doing enough. In other words: being super self critical and being really hard on myself.

And my journey leads me here now; to accepting these parts of me who feels unworthy, who feels not good enough and who feels like she isn’t doing it right. Learning to accept these parts of myself – my whole complete self, the good, the bad and the some times really, really, ugly.

I am all of it. Part of being human is learning to accept, with love and grace and reverence, the icky, hidden parts of us which long to be acknowledged. To go deep and to uncover and witness what needs to be healed.

How about you? Is there some part of you that longs to be heard, or longs to be accepted or witnessed? Is there part of you that believes it wrong or uncomfortable to expose the shadows? Do you beat yourself up for being less than perfect?

I invite you to inquire and listen to the human parts of you who long to be heard.

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