Just for you…

~ Meditation practice isn’t about trying to throw ourselves away and become something better.

It’s about befriending who we already are. ~

Pema Chodron. 

For the past 3 years I’ve developed a love affair with teaching relaxation and meditation.

And not only do I love it, but my students + clients love it too.

But before this I created a love affair with experiencing relaxation and meditation!

Discovering relaxation and meditation was life changing for me.

Life before was fractious, sporadic and haphazard.

I never truly valued or looked after myself.

I struggled to accept my present moment and circumstances would arise to throw me off balance easily.

Relaxation and Mediation gave me the space to s-l-o-w down and listen to my inner voice.

It grew my ability to be comfortable and content with the present moment and allowed me to navigate challenging circumstances with ease, grace and patience.

Once I slowed down, listened and started to value myself, life started to shift – quite drastically at first and improve in ways I couldn’t quite believe!

Wonderful people, experiences and opportunities started to magically appear in my life.

I was happier and more content with my life – just as it was.

Life felt more peaceful, I stopped rushing and chasing, and started to enjoy each moment; becoming more present and more aware.

More beautiful experiences and things and people started to show up – it seemed that the more content + grateful I was with what was in front of me, the more I had to be content with!

I started to look after myself. I made myself a priority and things shifted. People started to treat me differently, which felt fabulous.

I learned to RESPOND rather than react.

It was a discovery that changed everything, and yes, at first it was hard. I’d read about the benefits and I had tried (haphazardly and inconsistently) many other free audios, to no avail. When I started to value the practice i.e. I paid for it, I really started to take it seriously and that’s when the shifts stared to happen.

I learned and realised that no one was here to do anything for me – it was all down to me.

YOU are the one who can create change in your life.

YOU are in control.

YOU are worthy.

It’s all inside YOU.

After lots of deep spiritual “work” and investment, I was guided to create 6 specially recorded audios just for YOU, which aim to:

  • Guide YOU to a place of deep rest, relaxation and rejuvenation 
  • Help YOU develop an attitude of gratitude and be content with what’s already here
  • Bring YOU into the present moment and help increase your awareness (of self, of the present moment)
  • Increase your self-worth so YOU can value your self more
  • Clear your thoughts, mind and internal (often negative) chatter
  • Increase your capacity to respond to circumstances rather than react
  • Increase your overall happiness and well-being


You will receive life-time access to these 6 audio recordings, which can be listened to at anytime and as much as you like. The audios vary in length, from 10-30 mins long.


In todays busy and modern world, this time to slow down and reset is vital, especially for Highly Sensitive people. So if you feel called to invest in yourself and develop a daily or weekly practice which brings you more in line with your true, authentic self, you can find out more about how to purchase these audios below.

B O N U S ! You will also receive access to 2 instructional breathing techniques/breath awareness videos, which complement the audio recordings and can be used independently and in conjunction with the audios.


To get access to this special collection of audios:

Make a one-off payment via PayPal using the “Buy Now” button below ~ £66.

Or spread the cost and make 3 monthly payments via PayPal using the “Subscribe” button below ~ £22.22

(*Note: you will set up a re-occurring payment for 3 months to spread the cost.)


What Happens now?

Get ready for things to shift! Watch as life magically transforms around you as you start to take charge of your life.

I will email you with a link and a password to agin access right away within 24 hours of your PayPal transaction.

I am so looking forward to welcoming you!

With Love

Kathy x

Want some accountability? I’m here! Just drop me a line and I’ll send you little reminders and prompts to integrate the audios into your life!