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A stressed brain is not a happy brain
It is SO important to take time out from revision and r-e-l-a-x…

“Impossible! She’s nuts! Yeah right! How?!? oooo great; thats an excuse to go on my phone!” 

I hear you. I understand at this mega stressful time, it’s your absolute mission to revise and study and stress as much as possible.

But your brain cannot function correctly under extreme and prolonged periods of stress. Your brain won’t retain and remember information if it is stressed, it’s scientific fact. 

So take time out today, even if its just for 20 mins, to try some breathing, a little yoga sequence, a bit of creative time (like colouring in or playing music), or some time in nature to really detach from your thoughts and revision. Notice the trees, the sky, the sounds you hear, feel the sunshine on your face, notice the way you feel before and after breathing, notice your feet on the floor, feel the support all around you. 

You can always do my favourite and put some music on and DANCE!

Let your brain have the space so your sympathetic nervous system can take over and revert the body back to relaxation. This allows your brain to work at its best. It makes you more capable of shining your very brightest and showing the world what you’re capable of.

So, do your brain a favour. Take a break, find something that relaxes you (that doesn’t involve an electronic device!) and LOVE your brain!
How cool would it be if everyone saw challenges or difficult stuff as opportunities to *shine*…? 

You might have a really hard exam coming up; you’ve revised and worked really hard, but because you see it as difficult, it’s somehow bigger than you, it’s so big and so scary, you feel like there is no way little, scared YOU can win the big, bad, scary exam. 

Well that’s clearly not true. It’s pieces of paper, with ink printed onto it. You’re approximately 6 times the height of it, YOU’RE far greater and bigger than IT. Instead of being scared of it – see it for what it is. And see you for what you are – an intelligent, courageous, fierce, determined and amazing human person, who will not let an exam stand in their way of their dreams. “I meet each challenge with determination and courage” is a perfect affirmation to grow your courage and faith in your self and boost your confidence. 

Repeat this, over and over, every time you feel scared. I’m not promising it will change your life over night, but the sooner you start the sooner you can feel the shift in your perception. Negative thoughts do not serve you or any purpose! Let them go and choose positive ones instead. Namaste xx
Panic. Worry. Fear.

Ever noticed when you feel these feelings, they tend to be all in your head? You feel heady, dizzy, have headaches, feel scatty, unable to focus, maybe even a bit sick?

Its called being ungrounded. I spent most of my life here. Up in the clouds, scatty and buzzing around worrying about the future. 

Simple solution: at least twice a day (more if you can) close your eyes and take your attention down to your feet. Breathe in and out deeply while feeling your feet firmly on the ground, imagine the earth beneath you. If you can, imagine roots growing from your feet, deep into the ground. Feel rooted to the earth. If you can – and you know how to correctly – blast out a balanced tree pose, feeling the standing leg firm and rooted to the earth, with hands at the heart centre. 

Then repeat “I am calm and prepared to face whatever challenges come my way”
Fear simply won’t ever go away. We are primal beings who’s minds are wired to keep us safe. If we do or think about doing anything to upset the equilibrium of a safe, happy life, FEAR kicks in, and helps persuade us to stop doing whatever it is that threatens the safety. 

So if fear won’t go away, what can you do? 

The best thing I’ve learned is how to act regardless of fear. Having a positive out look and believing that it will all work out seems irresponsible and crazy to most people. But it is this belief system which means I don’t just sit at home thinking positive thoughts. 


I can only take action because I believe there is no fear. There is nothing to fear. Fear is designed to keep me safe – NOT HAPPY. 

What ever you’re going through right now, know that that thing you’re scared of; it isn’t real. You are powerful beyond measure. You can do anything you want to. 

“I choose success, I have nothing to fear”

Namaste xxx

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