People see you as a strong and determined woman, one who makes changes and “does stuff”, who makes shit happen.

But you still feel delicate and small on the inside and struggle to find the strength to live up to people’s expectations of you (or the the expectations you think people have of you).

You feel close to snapping under the pressure you put on yourself, and actually, you don’t understand how you don’t break

You really love the “I bend so I dont break” Yoga meme, cos that actually IS you!

You feel fragile and some days you don’t know wether to laugh or cry, unseen, unsupported, viewed from a totally screwed perspective; one that feels so different from how you actually feel.

Does anyone really understand you?
How can they when you hide your true self?
How can they when you don’t speak your truth?

Urgh, man this is hard…

You find solace in a whole bag of Balsamic Kettle Chips, a few wines and maybe even a sneaky fag in the back garden, hiding from your husband and your neighbours (like seriously, what would they think of you?!)

You feel a rollercoaster of emotions in a matter of minutes – a total mess.

But you are not a total mess.

You are: a beautiful human woman.

You’re a strong and determined woman and a delicate and fragile woman all at the same time.

You’re both.

You are strong, but you also need support.

You make shit happen, but you also stall and stop in fear when things start moving.

You’re determined as f*ck, except in those days when you feel frozen in time and nothing but back-to-back KUWTK re-runs makes it better.

You’re both. You’re all of it.

You. Are. Human.

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