Teen Girls Yoga Online Course

“My daughter is always off in la-la land or on YouTube, she hides herself away and we don’t connect”
“My daughter really struggles with stress and worry, she never seems to just enjoy life”
“My daughter struggles with the pressure of school, friendships and all that it means to be a teenager – I’m worried” 

These issues, and more, I hear from a lot of parents, either online or in person. You’re not alone.

From experience, I’ve seen how teen girls spend LOTS of their time in the heads, in their thoughts and worries and have a degree of disconnect from their bodies, their feelings and their presence.

They don’t experince what it’s like to BE with themselves and in their body; to relax, to let go, to be present with all that they are.
This can be worrying for you AND them and cause all sorts of physical ailments, emotional upsets and affect relationships and behaviour.
I’ve carefully and successfully taught 100’s of girls in local, in-person classes over the last few years, to be able to do this; to be present, to be in their body, to let go of the pressure and r-e-l-a-x with themselves (not just hide in their phones).
Each one having a unique experience – being present and listening to their own needs and really rooting into their unique essence (their unique brilliance).
I’ve witnessed time and time again that subtle glow and knowingness they get after our classes together. They came home, they connected, they were able to BE with themselves, they were present.
It’s a beautiful “job” and one I want to share with more and more people.
If you would love your daughter to come to a class, I have a few spaces remaining in my 5.30pm + 6.45pm classes. They’re held on a Tuesday at Dinnington Methodist Church, Laughton Road, Dinnington, and lasts 1 hour. The first class is free, all equipment is provided and this is a small group, where everyone matters. 
If you would like to find out more please contact me 07795074289 / kathrynpearsoneft@gmail.com
However, I know many girls who so desperately need this experience, but won’t show up for themselves and come to a class. 
I’ve had many texts or emails which read:
“Sorry my daughter just won’t budge, she really needs this but I can’t get her to come.”
“I’m so sorry to let you down, she was so keen, but now she’s changed her mind and she just won’t even speak to me about it.”
Super sad face.
But instead of letting that stop me, I met inspiration with action and I have started to created a tailored online course for these young women, who so desperately need it.
If you would like to be notified about this course when it is released, please sign up here: http://eepurl.com/dGGdwL
My 6 week course will guide and support your daughter to:
~ Root into her body, so she can notice, feel and connect – increasing her connection to herself and also to you (overtime).
~ Experience the present moment, enabling her to meet her own needs and listen to her inner voice – so she can start the journey of self – awareness and self-mastery.
~ Learn and master tools and techniques to deal with life’s worries, upsets and set backs – engaging her with her {already installed} unique essence of brilliance.
~ Uncover the truth about happiness and success – knowing it’s an inside job and
learning techniques to connect and master this truth.
So if this sounds like just what your daughter needs, in the comfort of there own home, then please click here http://eepurl.com/dGGdwL so I can notify you when it’s available. (I won’t send you anything else, just a notification about this course).

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