The 10 Step Guide to acing every exam you ever take – Book Review

A while back I came across an amazing page on Instagram (my social media home!) – Lucy Parsons is an academic coach, speaker and author and was sharing some pretty awesome stuff on Instagram in relation to study tips and exam preparation. I immediately felt a connection with her and got in touch. We had such a similar story (both ex-teachers) and had a good old chat on Skype for an hour or so.. this is when Lucy told me all about her book and asked me to read and write a review of it. I of course, jumped at the chance.

So here it is!

Everything about Lucy’s “The 10 step guide to acing every exam you ever take” made me wish I was 15 again. It’s like having a real life exam expert in your hand – knowing what Lucy knows about preparing for and taking exams, and then portraying it in a digestible format (for busy, time-pressured teens) is a real skill.
This is not just your average ‘get organised and plan your revision’ type advice, (although the book does feature unnamedthese topics!) It’s SO much more; rich with expert and innovative advice about study habits, working out your why and how to widen your knowledge to get the top marks and catch the attention of the examiners, it’s an essential book for teens studying for and taking exams everywhere.
My favourite chapters have to be “working out your why” and “the mindset for success”, pure genius. Getting young people to think about their why, their motivation, is really important, and not just “what do you want to do after your exams?”, but asking the big important, heart centred questions, to get them thinking about their inner motivations, then seamlessly flowing into to The mindset of success, something which I know to be crucial to success – love, love, love.
As a skim reader and one of those readers, who likes to skip straight to the important stuff I haven’t heard before (or need to hear again), I found the chapter summaries really helpful. I decided to read these FIRST and then make my decision if that chapter deserved some more of my time and if I should invest time in covering that topic.
Overall a really concise and brilliant read for dedicated and aspiring achievers everywhere, highly recommend to anyone taking their exams now or in the future.
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