The Sensitive Subject

Writing this book was one of my best moments of 2017. I say best, it was pretty crazy – my workload just increased 2x and it was a freezing, dark November. But the idea dropped in after a dreamy Angelic Breath session, the guidance was so clear, I took action then and there – no questions asked. I wrote, I flowed and I loved it.

Now, only a few months later, its a real-life paper back book, available on Amazon!

It’s aimed at parents, but if you’re sensitive, I truly believe it could help you too.

It is my heart and soul – EVERYTHING I’ve learned about sensitivity: through growing up as a sensitive child to now being a sensitive parent to a sensitive child myself, and it explains how you can THRIVE as an empathic, sensitive parent and how I’ve helped my daughter do this too.

It reveals in detail, all the techniques I use to calm and clear myself and my daughter, how I’ve managed to reduce meltdowns, manage outbursts and sensitive overwhelm, making our lives happier, more harmonious and seriously more connected as Mother and Daughter.

I even think my husband might read it when I’m not around because even he has changed the way he interacts and speaks to our daughter!

Being a sensitive child in this world is SUPER SCARY – trust me. It’s overwhelming and confusing and if you don’t feel understood, if you don’t have the right support, guidance and conversations with those closest to you, it can result in a life long rollercoaster of mixed messages and feelings of unworthiness.

I meet and work with 100’s of children and instantly connect with those who are sensitive – they’re not just the shy-looking quiet ones, or the super intelligent ones, or the kind, thoughtful children; they can be the rough and tumble ones, the loud and bold and angry ones even the seemingly confident ones… Sensitive children come in all personality forms and will have adapted to their environment; but they still have specific NEEDS relating to their sensitivity, and my book The Sensitive Subject, aims to help you fulfil those specific needs with ease. Reminding you, rather than telling!

My book “The Sensitive Subject” is available in paperback and download from Amazon > Link here >>><<<

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❤ Self-publishing goals achieved thanks to my dear friend Sarah of Indigosoul PR

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