The importance of Self – Love

How being kinder to yourself can increase confidence

So I had the idea of using Valentines day (or any day for that matter) to carve out some time for some self love instead

Sound too cringefull?! It doesn’t have to be! I’ve gathered 3 simple top tips together below to help you be kinder to yourself.

Self love can be simple, powerful and effective for making us more confident and comfortable in our own skin. A little self-confidence goes a long way in helping us cope with stress – read on for 3 simple tips which you can start using right now!

1. Give your inner voice a makeover.

Listen to you inner voice. What words or dialogue do you repeat?

What we focus on we become. What we think about we attract – it’s basic Law Of Attraction.

A friend of mine used to repeat to hefself ‘annoying’, as in ‘she was annoying’. Sure enough people thought she was annoying and treated her so. This left her feeling isolated, disliked, low in confidence and … you guessed it – annoying.

Disempowering inner language can have a huge impact on life experiences,  how we treat ourselves and how others treat us. Here are some examples of how you can change your inner voice to be more empowered.

Disempowering: “No one likes me.”
Empowering: “I choose to love myself and nurture my inner confidence, the right person will appear at the right time.”

Disempowering: “I’m going to fail.”
Empowering: “I choose to meet my challenges with determination and courage.”

Disempowering: “I have so much to do. I’m never going to get it all done”
Empowering: “I choose to use my time wisely, I give each of my commitments the time and focus they need. I have nothing to fear”

2. Re- vamp your Self Talk.
How do you talk about yourself to others and to yourself? Is your vocabulary full of ‘I can’t, I’m rubbish, I won’t, I’ll never, I’m not,
I haven’t. … etc?

Limiting self talk is literally putting limitations on what you can and can’t do in life.  You’re stopping yourself before you even begin.

The most powerful phrase you can use is: ‘I AM…’ positive self talk all starts with “I am”. Every time a self-sabotaging thought about yourself pops into your head, silence it with a positive I AM statement.

For example:

Self-hate: I’m unlovable / I’m not pretty
Self-love: I am loved and loving – I am all that I need to be. I am safe.

Self-hate: I’m going to fail – I’m so stupid
Self-love: I am powerful beyond measure and I have nothing to fear.

Self-hate: I’m so rubbish at maths
Self-love: I am a confident maths student, I am learning everyday.

3. Recall what’s already in you.

Whenever you’re feeling really low about yourself or you’re struggling with a  situation, think of a time when you did something amazing – a time when you surprised yourself or you achieved something outstanding.

Journal it out and free write what it was like, what qualities you showed, what did it feel like to be successful? Gather a list of qualities that you already are – and remember how powerful you already have been.

AND Finally…. use the word YET. .. If you find yourself talking bad of yourself, try these:

I haven’t got a boyfriend. .. yet.
No one loves me… yet.
I can’t do…. XYZ… YET.

Give yourself the option and the possibility to achieve whatever you want to achieve by using YET. Its powerful!

Wishing you a loving Valentines – a self – loving valentines 😉

I’m defo going to be cracking open the Epsom salts, incense and candles – I may even use last weeks roses and use the petals in my bath!

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