We have to be the change.. 

I wrote this post after the awful news that the MP Jo Cox, had been murdered. About a week before the EU referendum news. I left it in the notes section of my phone and almost forgot about it. I read it and kept re-reading it, and decided that it still made sense, it was still in context and I still should publish it.
How are you? Fraught? Uneasy? Confused? Upset with the world? Angry?

There is no doubt there is some SERIOUS energy shifts going on right now. Some very upsetting and disgraceful things have been occurring,  not only in the UK but worldwide and it really hurts. Like really really hurts, I’m sure I’m not the only one who has shed a tear over the terrible events of the last week or so.

But it’s not this upset where I want to focus my energy or attention. Yes, these events (and the forthcoming EU referendum and US elections) have and will continue to impact the world, but they signify for me a time of change.

It is a time to focus only on the love.

It is time to teach our children to love everyone – regardless of race,  religion, ethnicity, sexual preference, country of origin or nationality.

To do that,  WE must be the change we want for our children.

I don’t want my child brought up in a world where a mother of two (who also happens to be an MP) is murdered in cold blood, or a group of young men are brutally attacked and their lives taken because they happen to have a different sexual preference to someone else.

I don’t want her to see videos of grown men mocking and belittling scared and vulnerable children and ever think that that is OK. 

I don’t want her to turn on the news and weep (as I often do.)

Can’t we get over this separation? 

WE are not separate.  WE are no different.  WE are all the same.

I repeat over and over to my daughter – “it’s OK to not want to be someones friend because they think/look/act differently to you, but inside we are all the same. So keep your distance if you want to, but never, ever think that you are separate to that person. Inside we are all the same”

She’s 4. And I know she understands this. She’s a new breed of souls and they’re ready to be told the truth.

 *note to parents… trust your instincts, if you think your child can handle being told something grown up, tell them. Don’t hold back in case so and so judges you.*

Religion, politics, gender, sexualtiy, nationality. It causes separation.

But with this heartache caused by global events I can feel the big shifts happening.

We are all human beings and inside, we all want the same things.

Happiness, peace and love. The acts of certain individuals are causing us to move towards unity, respect, oneness.

Feeling the love, seeing the love, speaking the love, acting in love. Because none of us want to live in a world where this awful stuff can happen.

It’s time to change and BE the big shift the world needs.

Its time to raise generations of happy, enlightened, peaceful children. To do that, we have to stop focusing on the differences and separation.



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