What do I do now?

 I quit my job as a secondary school teacher after 7 years this summer.


So all summer long I’ve been asked the question: 

“So what are you going to do?”

My response of: “I have no idea yet, I have no plans.” Was met with many a bemused face!

Most people were polite and changed the subject. Others, I suppose, presumed I was either mad or was going to be a kept woman! (Neither being true!)

Sometimes I’d say “I will probably do some supply teaching to pay the bills.” Which used to pacify most people and stop them thinking I was totally mad or spoilt.

Little did they know really I wanted to say:

“I’ve no idea yet, I’ve put in my order to the universe asking for a perfect opportunity to work with and help teens, to earn money doing what I love and to be able to use my unique gifts to serve the world in a way only I can, so I’m just waiting really, I’ve been brave and given up my job so I have the free time to be able to allow this into my life. I’m really excited at what the universe has in store for me. I’ve put my order in, now I’m just waiting! “

Can you imagine having THAT conversation?! 

But quite honestly, that is exactly what I have done. I had no idea what I was going to do. Ideas like “being a billionaire blogger“, and artist, writing a best seller and plain old EFT sessions all filled my mind. But only because they seem logical to me. Logical ideas, and logical ideas certainly didn’t float my boat. 

I was determined not to make solid plans, not to shoehorn myself into a hole which I couldn’t get out of. I was determined to let The Law of Attraction do its job properly. 

I knew this time last year that teaching wasn’t for me. My stomach churned each time I thought of going back to work. I just knew I was miserable, unfulfilled and a million miles away from being me. 

This doesn’t mean I regret my teaching career, far from it! I know I wouldn’t have got to this point without being a teacher. 

So, I made a decision in November 2014 to hand in my notice. Would you believe I didn’t even tell anyone. Not even my partner! I knew this was a decision I had to make alone.

It was the scariest thing ever. I cried telling my boss, I cried writing the letter,   I cried telling my colleges. I cried every time I thought about the future – but I knew it was right. I felt like a weight had been lifted off me. I felt free.

But I knew I had to be disciplined – no worrying or thinking about the future. Just spending each day doing as much stuff as I could that brought me joy (walking, nature, family time, yoga,  meditation,  art and painting) and being grateful.

I spent almost whole year doing this. 

I started writing wish lists every month or so. Almost like little mini prayers or orders to the universe. What’s normally called ‘intention setting’.

I wrote things like “please help me find more ways of helping teens”“I pray that I can find a way to make money doing what I love and “please help me use my gifts and share them with the world so I can help people see their own light”.

I would list what I loved and what I wanted more of, and the reasons why I wanted these things to happen

“It is time to hold the intention of bringing up generations of happy, enlightened, peaceful children who are able to develop their potential in the highest possible way.” (Quote extracted from “The Angels Guide to Ascension” D. Cooper)

THIS, this is why I wanted what I wanted. Yes, I wanted to helps teens and do what I love for my own intrinsic reasons, but more so, I wanted to contribute to a global change and shift.

I’d also state what I was going to do to make sure this stuff 
happened (you have to actually work at this LOA stuff! You can’t simply ask, you have to get stuck in and take action!) And I asked the universe to help me with the stuff I couldn’t control.

Part of my bargain was to write, be brave, share my experiences, do art, be an inspiration, practise kindness, meditate, learn as much as I could about myself, forgive and let go, live with integrity. I promised to be and do these things and practise what I love daily, this included me practising self love as much as I could and valuing my self worth. 

So for near on a year now I’ve been asking everyday, focusing on my intention, I’ve been actioning what I promised and little by little I was presented with exactly what I was asking for. Not the full shebang, I still had a job and the universes’ timing is always spot on.

Anyway, fast forward to last week. The 5th week of my school holidays.  The eve of the super full moon August 2015. The day I woke up light a free and with a sense of peace.

I was Instagram stalking some page and it mentioned this woman and a course she ran called “Teen Yoga”. Awesome I thought; I’d love to do something like that, I bet it’s in the USA….


It was run in England and even linked to Leeds University, who are using the course to gather evidence into how meditation can help teens. AMAZING.

Bet it’s super expensive, I thought.


Well it’s well within my budget!  I’ve seen courses before and they’ve ran into the £1000s.

Bet is in London, I thought,

NOPE again!

There’s a course less than an hour away from me and on days I can attend!

Bet I can’t do it because I’m not a yoga teacher, I thought.


Because in was a qualified teacher I could do the course. That was my qualifying attribute!

So it was in travelling distance, in my price range and I had the credentials to do the course.

But YOGA? Well in truth it was yoga that opened me up to energy about 8-9 years ago. I had a Geri Halliwell Yoga DVD and I did it almost every day. I was addicted to the feeling it gave me. My energy was flowing correctly and it felt amazing. From here I dabbled and dipped in and out of classes and self practice but it was when I found my friend Julie’s classes I was well and truly hooked back in. I’ve always loved yoga, but the thought to ever do it for myself, never entered my head. 

Teen Yoga for me is one way I can access and help the age group I want to, learn more about the age group and the physiology ans psychology (which is so intriguing to me), I can help them discover their ‘energy’ and maybe start their journey into their own spirituality, just like it did for me. 

Yoga was my introduction to mediation and I believe for someone to get into mediation properly they have to have some experience with stillness and breathing.

I love yoga! I love chakras (the course even has modules on chakras!) And I love promoting mindfulness – the course has modules on that too!

So, I asked and waited and it has most definitely been given! I didn’t ask for a yoga course, but the more I think about it, the more sense it makes. Everything I blog about now can feed into teen yoga! What I love doing and teaching teens about is mediation and mindfulness.. tah dah!!

So now, people ask me and I have an answer. I’m going to train to teach teenagers Yoga, meditation and mindfulness!! Woo hoo!

I’m going to continue to write, because well I frigging love it and know I can help and inspire ladies, women and girls through this method. I also have SO much still in me to write about 🙂 I have a dream of writing a self help book for teens too. I’ve set myself a deadline, so watch this space 😉

I have to pay my bills of course, so I’ve signed up to do some supply teaching – not my ideal scenario, so I’m asking for other ways to make money whilst I wait to my course! But supply teaching will pay the bills – for now!

So here you go guys. Dreams do come true and here’s proof that if you can trust, let go and live as authentically as possible, the stuff you don’t even know you want finds it’s way into your life 😉 It’s physics!

I’m certainly not perfect. .. I’ve had ups and downs, I’ve also done a lot of work. I’ve invested in myself through courses, spiritual healing sessions, books etc. I’ve attended The Art of Living mediation course, which I’ve mentioned before, I’ve had Thetta Healing sessions with Susan Kennard, I’ve had energy sessions with Dan Sainsbury, I’ve read books such as ‘The Impersonal Life’ by J Banner and ‘The Angels Guide to Ascension’ By D Cooper, ‘Light is the New Black’ By Rebecca Campbell and I’ve learned loads about angels and crystals and learned how to clear my space. I’ve also followed all of Elizabeth Peru’s work and I subscribe to her energy tip-off. Oh and I’ve don’t a LOT of tapping!

I haven’t just been happy for a year! LOL

I’m feeling like Im letting my ego get the better of me today, I’m feeling insecure about sharing this, like people will judge me or I that I’m boasting – IM NOT!!

I love sharing and documenting my journey – the fact that people read it is a bonus. My reason for blogging this stuff is to help and inspire others, to make people who felt or feel like me feel less alone. Thats it. I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I love writing it! 

I really hope my story will inspire some people, I’ve been inspired by some amazing women around me and in my circles, who cheered me on, supported me and I’m so thankful for them for leading the way and making me believe in myself and showing me that this is possible. 

I’m 100% know if more of us rise up and follow our light, passions and loves (please read Rebecca’s Book “Light is the new black”) then the world will be a better place. 

I’m doing it for this little dot in the picture below. My world. My angel and my inspiration. I love you forever my little girl xxx

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