Why is my child Highly Sensitive?

Why is my child sensitive?


I’m not like this – so why is my child? They must have got it from their Grandmother/Dad – or is it me? Am I sensitive too?

I can empathise with you – our children’s sensitive personality traits can be totally alien to us, even if we are sensitive too, and as much as you adore your child, a part of you longs to understand why your child is sensitive and where they are going to fit into the world.

To help do this, lets go to the animal kingdom. Dr Eliane Aron states that numerous species of animal have been found to have members of their groups to be more ‘sensitive and cautious’ than others. This diversity in animal populations has meant that they survive and they have been able to keep evolving and thrive.

Their differences in personality has allowed this.

Dr Aron uses the example of a group of deer. It has been observed that within a herd of deer, some are more sensitive and cautious than others, and for very good reasons.

For example; a group of deer come to a clearing in the woods with luscious green grass. Some of the deer do a quick check and then head straight out and start eating the luscious, life-sustaining grass, knowing that if they don’t eat the grass now, they could die of malnourishment, their babies would go un-fed and they wouldn’t be strong enough to flee a predator.

Whereas, some hang back, much more cautious, knowing that if they rush out and start eating the lush grass a predator or hunter could be lurking and they could be killed instantly, this too being a threat to their survival and the survival of their family group. They check and check again, using all their relevant senses (smell, hearing, sight, intuition) to make sure its safe before proceeding.

Now for this species of animal to survive – BOTH types of deer are needed – the more bold one and the more cautious one. If all the deer were as bold as the first one, the entire herd could be wiped out instantly. Where as if all the herd were as cautious and sensitive, the herd may never get the nutrition to survive.

It is the same with humans – both types are needed for our society to thrive.


Your child is a vital member of society and the world, and they need understanding, compassion and the knowledge to be able to thrive in our modern “Sensitive Un-Friendly” world.

For so long, our world has been ruled by the un-sensitive. Which has served evolution and us well thus far.

However, to the brilliantly amazing sensitives who are emerging (as teachers, healers, doctors, inventors, scientists, change makers, environmentalists) our modern day world is just too much.

Most of everything in our modern society is too much for them – spending time at busy indoor play centres, with their bright colours and funny noises, busy school environments, with lots of other children energies, problems and issues to solve, increasing amounts of technology, busy large shopping centres, with the bright lights, vast, vast amounts of people and noises and smells, the schedules of their parents, busy, busy lifestyles, little down-time or outdoor play, rushing around, home work, processed food, the list could go on…

But still; why is my child sensitive?

In short: The world needs them. Modern lifestyles are killing us. Modern lifestyles are killing the planet. Un-sensitive, push, push, push mindsets are becoming less appealing as we all move back to noticing whats really important:

Love, family, experiences, enjoyment, fulfilment and happiness.

There is a shift and your child is of the generation that will help facilitate, design and move this shift forward.

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