Why you shouldn’t let the fear of ‘getting it wrong’, stop you.

A whole 24 hrs earlier than planned, 😜 I pressed the wrong button 🙈
Here is FRIDAYS video, posted today; just one little thing I wanted to share about why you shouldn’t let that fear of getting it wrong, stop you from doing ANYTHING. That can be applied to almost any situation.

What do you avoid, in case you get it wrong? What have you avoided in the past, just in case you might have ‘failed’?

What has fear stopped (or is stopping)you from doing?

The moment I realised ‘failing’ or ‘getting it wrong’ was actually just aprt of the ‘getting it right’ process, then everythign fell into place. Of course, I had EFT to help deal with the fear, which helped LOADS! (Next weeks video idea!!)

Give me a shout if you want to learn more about EFT sessions. I have some pretty special one-off sessions going right now, to help you self-manage your emotions and stresses. Drop me a PM for more info. xoxox

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