This is for the stressed, lonely, high sensitive, empathic, bewildered, scared and fearful  teenagers of the world. My main intention is to help people who feel the same as me, feel less alone and more empowered – it’s that simple.

This mentorship combines my skills and experience as a skilled teacher and that of my own personal transformation.

Following an initial consultation with you, me & parents,  I design a unique and personalised experience, where we focus on your unique challenges and issues to success and happiness.  We then set about working to shatter these, empowering you to thrive in our modern world and regain your power to see and live out your truest potential.

Through this mentorship we will uncover the fears, stresses and stuff that holds you back. I will teach and embed skills and tools for life – all the stuff you wish was taught at school, but isn’t. We will get clear on your future and get organised. We will banish self-loathing, self-pity and hate and shine love and compassion into your deepest darkness.


☐ 6 x 1 hour Mentoring sessions (Skype or in person)

☐ My unique experience as a teacher, intuitive high sensitive, yoga teacher and energetic healer

☐ 2 x downloadable mediations: ‘Grounding and Present Moment’ & ‘Magnetic’ meditation

☐ Organisation and exam preparation workbook

☐ ‘How-To’ resources for all the techniques and tools we cover

☐ Sensitive and empathic approach with the intention of helping you find your truest intention

These sessions will span 3 – 4 months

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